is Nigeria’s prime Learning based social Community that employs contemporary solutions and innovation to teach, engage, entertain and empower Young people growing from Teenage into early adulthood.
Creativity has been identified as a potential tool for progress and thus education should focus on developing the creative potential of students rather than “educating them out of their creativity” because Education that tolerates Ignorance is no Education at all.

Our aim is to set young people up for excellent results in Tests and Exams, foster real time useful learning and discussions as a lifelong habit and restore the glory of Nigerian Education.

We realize that in developed climes, instructional radio, Internet intervention and interactive Television have constituted major paradigm shifts and re-invigorated the system of Education. We have therefore employed this 3 prong approach in ensuring that we can attain the goal of improving the quality of education and interactions amongst Nigerian Youth.

Given that the web and mobile are the new Teachers, embodies an online study platform which provides Secondary / High School Students with upbeat, on-the-go solutions to all Subjects in the simplest ways. Our intention is to gainfully engage users in the most excellent conditions using fun and interactive methods and tools with which they can learn effectively.

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