Rise National Youth Forum: The Longest-standing, Pan Nigerian Youth Empowerment Programme in the Country

  1. Since 2007, the Rise National Youth Forum has held in over twenty different universities in twenty three states of the Federation. It was launched as an engaging platform for young Nigerians to exchange ideas, find their common interests, harness their collective potentials and rise above the limitations of human society. Each Year, Rise National Youth Forum makes direct contacts with over 50, 000 Nigerian youths across all the six geo-political zones of the world’s  most populous black nation, providing them with substantial intellectual empowerment and building relationships with them.
  2. The event has earned credibility amongst Students, youth leaders, young professionals and university authorities who have over the years been consistent participants and partners. In most cases due to the impact of the Programme’s contents on students over the years, Vice Chancellors in some universities have declared our events’ days as lecture free days in their School.
  3. The Rise National Youth Forum now has a life of its own given that students have taken ownership of it as they work with the guidance and supervision of our Core Programme Team, helping with mobilization, publicity and engagement with university managements, local media outlets, service providers and general logistics including setting up of event venues amongst many other tasks. We usually call for volunteers in each location of the event, getting as much as two hundred young people expressing their interests in working with us.
  4. The Programme has attracted and maintained excellent working relationships with some of the biggest brands in the country with some of them having sponsored as much as four to five times.

It is common knowledge amongst several Nigerians that Rise Networks has in the last eight years independently created and managed Nigeria’s most successful Youth Engagement Programme, RISE NATIONAL YOUTH FORUM which is reputed as the largest gathering of young people across different locations in Nigeria. It has been described severally as the most successful Youth Engagement/Empowerment Programme, with presence in all the six geo-political zones and strategically supported by prominent corporations and individuals in the country.

With over one hundred Guest Speakers so far and more than two hundred thousand participants, it has indeed earned its status as Nigeria’s biggest and most remarkable Youth Development Programme with far-reaching impact. In the words of the US First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama, it is the largest Youth Conference in Nigeria. (see the video on our website home page)

In as much as the Programme requires still a lot of investment, commitment and sponsorship from Stakeholders in both Government and the private Sector, we have been able to record amazing success as stories abound on how the Programme’s content has positively impacted and inspired participants, helping to improve their lives and propelling them to achieve their dreams. A lot of them usually attribute their “First chance of Personal Self Discovery” to the opportunity Rise National Youth Forum provided for them.

Our major aim with the Rise National Youth Forum is to achieve Cultural Transformation and Capacity Building among youths which can then give rise to the inclusion of capable young people in key roles of representation and participation within the Government and the private sector.