This is RISE Networks

RISE Networks is Nigeria’s leading Social Enterprise whose mandate focuses on using Tech Innovation to create advocacy, skills empowerment and learning opportunities for the inclusive growth of Youth with the core objective of preparing them for effective Value Based Leadership at all levels in the Public, Private and Social Sectors. RISE Networks also owns The Rise Labs, a talent pipeline and work readiness center that leverages artificial intelligence, big data and people analytics to improve the skills sets of job seekers for industry fitness before placing them on Jobs within Organizations. They designed and built the first Career Coaching Chatbot in West Africa.

Our flagship project, is Nigeria’s most sought after mobile learning portal with access to curriculum-based education content with standardized assessments and exam review questions in digital format distributed via web and mobile to underserved high School Students and Teachers.

Rise Networks’ annual Youth Debate Championships [formerly known as Rise National Youth Forum] are arguably the largest gatherings of young people for Youth Engagement Programs at different locations across Nigeria.

In addition, Rise Networks’ annual RISE National Youth Forum is arguably the largest gathering of young people for Empowerment Programs at different locations across Nigeria.

 Our Strategic focus is hinged on advancing vital human capital Development issues and their relationship to economic growth and democratic consolidation within Sub Saharan Africa.

Rise Networks connotes the very idea which its name suggests: a deliberate rousing from inactivity to activity; the conscious replacement of a former state with the new; and the golden promise of life, rebirth and renewed energy.

It is upon these concepts that our organisation is founded, and especially for these reasons that we are Nigeria’s leading social enterprise whose fires burn with passion for youth and education development in Africa and for whom innovation and technology serve as kindle.

Seeing how the greatest resources of a nation are measured in terms of the gems between her people’s ears – those few ounces of precious grey matter; our strategic focus is on human capital development and their unfailing link to sustainable economic growth, democracies that are built on the foundation of social justice, and improved quality of life for the general mass.