Our Mission, Vision and Commitment



  • To revitalise values by inculcating positive behaviour in the representatives of the future
  • To create a springboard for young, unsung, uncelebrated heroes to explore their talents and express their creative voices
  • To empower young people in developing business building initiatives that will enable a viable Nigerian economy
  • To build a new generation of responsible leaders and worthy role models who will make a difference in the world



Our Vision is to be the ultimate reference point in Africa and the World as a hub of relevant knowledge resource and a facilitator of opportunities and platforms that improve the lives and livelihoods of Nigeria’s Youths, with an affirming commitment to empower and prepare them to restore the dignity of Nigeria’s Democracy and her steady Economic Growth.



RISE will make substantial contributions to society in terms of concrete actions and changes. We represent a new optimistic generation that will work to make history and hope rhyme.