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Applications are invited for the Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Social Development (IHSD) Professional Certificate Courses 2016. The Institute’s training curriculum was developed in partnership with the Abia State University, while the programs are endorsed by the United Nations Institute for Training and Reasearch (UNITAR-Nigeria).

Areas to be covered:

  • NGO Management (Non-Profit Services Administration)
    • Introduction to non – profit organization; typology and classifications, how to distinguish Foundation and Association from other NGOs;
    • Essentials of non – profit organization; formation & steps in establishing NGOs, legal status and registration;
    • Structures of an NGO; Managing Board of Trustees, Human Resource Management, Administrative Structure and Staffing in NGO;
    • Advocacy for image building and resource mobilization towards sustainability;
    • Networking and Team Building to enhance efficiency and effectiveness;
    • Community Mobilization and participation for better impact and output;
    • Introduction to project  and programme planning cum management;
    • How to develop annual work plan /strategic action plan.

  • Effective Fundraising and Project Proposal writing in NGO
    • Introduction to fundraising;
    • Methods and options in fundraising;
    • Strategies to succeeding  in your fundraising;
    • Fundamental facts you need to know;
    • Needs Assessment/Community Needs Appraisal;
    • Introduction to proposal writing and guidelines;
    • Basic content of project  proposal;
    • Concept paper and proposal; what makes the difference;
    • Why most proposals fail and others succeed; donor’s expectations etc;
    • Budgeting and work plan development;
    • Sustainability, monitoring & evaluation mechanism.


  • Scholarships will range from full course fee to partial scholarships covering part of the course fee.


  • Open to young people between the ages of 17-35 years of age who can in not more than 250 words prove to us of their outstanding volunteerism experience or achievement in their school or community or evidence of any other outstanding humanitarian contribution vis-à-vis the reason behind their vision cum passion for humanitarian works, including what they intend to do with the knowledge to be acquired;
  • In addition, young people with other physical health challenges or orphans who can demonstrate how this training intend to impact their lives and help shape their future or present career are eligible to apply;
  • Heads and Officers of NGOS, Foundations, Associations including religious organizations;
  • Individual development consultants and those working in others sectors including government workers, students and others who wish to enhance their skills and build a career in these areas;
  • Fluency in the use of English (written and spoken) is highly required; in this case, participants are expected to have at least passed through an O’ Level.

Application Process

Complete Online Application.

Important Dates

  • NGO Management
    • 12th – 14th of September, 2016 (Lagos)
    • 5th – 8th Oct (Abuja)
    • 17th – 20th Oct (Owerri)
    • 1st Oct – 3rd November (Enugu)
  • Fundraising and Proposal Writing
    • 19th – 22nd of September, 2016 (Lagos)
    • 12th-15th Oct. (Abuja)
    • 24th – 27th (Owerri) 7th – 10th November (Enugu)

Venues for the Short Courses:

  • Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Social Development; Conference and Training Center, Lagos;
  • IHSD Liaison Center, Abuja

Certification: Professional Certificate shall be awarded at the end of the course.

Application Deadline: August 30, 2016

For more information, click HERE.


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