Rise Networks launches Run-Am, an Artificial Intelligence based Fake News Verification Mobile App for Nigeria’s 2023 Elections.

Rise Networks, Nigeria’s leading data science and artificial intelligence-powered learning, research, and work readiness company with support from MacArthur Foundation has released Run-Am, a fake news verification mobile app that can be used to identify and verify the accuracy of news and information, people come across on their mobile devices. Read More >>

By |February 25, 2023|

What Is An Artificial Intelligence Framework?

One of the fastest-growing areas in computer science is Artificial intelligence. It has many practical applications in our everyday lives such as search engines, speech recognition software, machine translation, and autonomous vehicles. Some of the things we see done today by artificial intelligence are accomplished through the use of specific Read More >>

By |November 15, 2022|

Top 10 Business Intelligence Tools

We now live in a world where data plays a significant role in the success of businesses across many sectors worldwide, and with large amounts of data available to many organizations, technology has made it possible to easily collect and analyze data to deliver actionable information using technology-driven tools. In Read More >>

By |November 10, 2022|

Things You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives. Look around, and you'll see AI used in everything from search engines to auto-correct to social media, driverless cars, Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant, and many more. However,  AI is more than that. And this article digs into the things Read More >>

By |November 2, 2022|
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