Popular Data Science Myths That are Mistaken As Facts

Crucial in today’s world, Data Science presents both large and small organizations with the ability to transform data into value in the form of increased revenue, lessened costs, business dexterity, improved customer experience, and the development of new products, amongst others.  As a multidisciplinary blend of statistics, data inference, scientific Read More >>

By |October 19, 2020|

5 Little Known Reasons Why You Should Invest in AI

In the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has gradually crept into every business globally while boosting productivity, sales, personalized customer service, product innovation, and operating efficiency. With AI applications found in virtually every industry today, it has made the market highly profitable for investors. According to Fortune Business Insights, the Read More >>

By |October 13, 2020|

Data Science For Beginners

Glad to know you are thinking about enrolling in our course on “Data Science for Beginners: Essential Foundational Concept.” This ONE-DAY course introduces the theory, core concepts, applications, foundations, and, the lexicon of data science. Under the tutelage of our professional facilitators, you are guaranteed to leave fully equipped Read More >>

By |October 2, 2020|
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