Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The advantages of Artificial intelligence cannot be overemphasized, we explained some of the benefits below: Reduction in human error: Humans are prone to make mistakes but machines that are programmed properly are accurate. Machines make decisions from data previously gathered after applying some certain algorithms. This reduces errors and makes Read More >>

By |November 23, 2020|

5 ways Artificial Intelligence will impact Nigeria

It's no news anymore that Artificial Intelligence will change the way we do things and also improve our lives. In this article, I explained how Artificial Intelligence will improve our dear country(Nigeria). Education: AI will improve education in Nigeria in several ways,  Artificial intelligence can be used to automate grading Read More >>

By |November 20, 2020|

What exactly is Data Science

  Hey everyone! Welcome to Rise Networks Blog! In this article I explained data science in an easy to understand concept. The term Data Science is relatively new, Wikipedia defined it as “ an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from Read More >>

By |November 19, 2020|

What do you know about Machine Learning?

First time I read about Machine Learning, I thought it was a robot or something futuristic that might happen later in the future but you know what? Machine Learning is here. Machine learning has actually been around for a while, in fact Artur Samuel was the first person to use Read More >>

By |November 18, 2020|

Popular Data Science Myths That are Mistaken As Facts

Crucial in today’s world, Data Science presents both large and small organizations with the ability to transform data into value in the form of increased revenue, lessened costs, business dexterity, improved customer experience, and the development of new products, amongst others.  As a multidisciplinary blend of statistics, data inference, scientific Read More >>

By |October 19, 2020|
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