(By Orukotan Ayomikun Samuel)

While history answers these questions of uncertainty, it is worthy to note that the 2015 general elections present us with no perfect choice. It will still be that basket filled with those bad oranges we are definitely going to choose from. Never again, boast of APC’s betterment nor sing PDP’s praise because we will still have to compromise our moral standards to elect a leader.

Politicking is here again with its much toast of falsehood, formation of derogatory comments via hot media campaigns and in the process fanning embers of bigotry and hatred. Many are these political gladiators but not enough of their promises can they make go round.

Nigeria has been a geographical region plagued with fundamental challenges ranging from the territorial waters of insurgency to the undisputed island of unemployment. These long queues of her societal anomaly coupled with series of leader’s ineptness and ample ignorant followers have caused many snags on her way to chronicles of meaningful development. Her plague needs succour geared towards sincerity and commitment of the daunting task that accompanies her chaotic- amalgam. No doubt, she needs somebody and not anybody- the one that will change, her zero status to a hero profile. Unfortunately, the last time I checked for her, I saw tyrants pretending like redeemers. Nigerians, be wise!

Birds of a feather

Of course, the main party in parliament (APC) opposing the one in power (PDP) are of the same blood. The same mother nurtured them. They eat from the same-blotched pot. No matter their political differences, they are birds of a feather who have to flock together. So, the height of political ignorance is to think APC is a denomination of moralists and PDP is a sect of felons. More, the length of political illiteracy is to classify the APC as quantifiable virgins and the PDP as moth-eaten prostitutes. This latest trend of bias comparison by some political analysts lacks holistic justification in the doctrine of Nigeria politics. The APC is not insulated from the shocks of corrupt practices nor does the PDP enjoy clear vindication from other immoral concubines like inducement, double-dealings and deceitfulness. Assuredly, they could employ the virility of the mass media to refute “anything” that will put a dent on their party’s chances in the 2015 general elections. But without mincing words, it is still the same bad teeth, same bad breath and bad oranges that were recycled to form these parties.

APC’s bigwigs

First, Honourable Tambuwal disappointed me for stepping down for General Buhari and the others. No matter the reason he gave for his swift action, I am still displeased because he had the paraphernalia to be an effective president and a great nation could have emerged under his intellectual and verified tutelage.

Having said that, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is a corrupt leader. He is one of the many beneficiaries of the hypocritical system practiced in Nigeria. If he is not a grand-thief, why is he running away from United States of America? What unfinished business does he still have for his motherland even after years of ineptness as a Vice President of Nigeria? Who made him the most qualified candidate for the presidential race under the broomstick of the APC? If Alhaji Atiku wants to be “our” president, then he should answer the query levelled against him in less than no time or face being disgraced by the power of the ballot box.

However, the likes of Rochas Okorocha, Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso of Kano state, Nda-Isaiah of the Leadership Newspaper and our erstwhile vice president, Abubakar Atiku all fall in the class of “anybody” whereas what the APC needs is “somebody”. So in view of this, they may continue to enjoy low ratings both “here and there”. I do not mean to insult any of these APC stalwarts. As Lord Paterson once said in a speech to the British parliament, “we have no eternal allies and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests are our duty to follow.”

Muhammadu Buhari, a retired general and former head of state will clinch the APC presidential ticket under normal or abnormal conditions. Before the fact, let me congratulate our ageing general for this foreseeable feat.

Who is General Buhari?

General Buhari is a politician. At that, he is an undoubted lore. He is the grand patron of gibes and jeers. He is one of the most-hyped leaders in Nigeria politics. To some, General Buhari represents everything good; integrity personified. To others, he is the only committed soldiers who can revive the death state of our nation. Sampling the many definitions of Nigerians about General Buhari, it is crystal that some were impregnated with lies and exaggeration while others were motivated by the truth.

However, I like to say here, Buhari is not a man of integrity. After all, a man of integrity defies lying and lobbying. In 2011, General Buhari said he would never contest any other elections in Nigeria after the one he lost gallantly. Today, this same “man of integrity” will be contesting for 2015 general elections against the backdrop of what he said sometimes ago. General Buhari is a lobbyist as many politicians do. He has continuously raised awareness for himself through advertisement of self-pity and publicity of exaggerated criticism.

General Buhari’s chances

Having realised that by some political evaluation, General Buhari stands a good chance of winning 2015 general elections. Though, he earned himself the epithet “serial loser” due to trying a thing all over again and yet ending in defeat. It will be senseless to think little of Buhari’s popularity in the Northern part of Nigeria and his seemingly acceptance in the southern part of Nigeria. The call for change by Nigerians defines General Buhari’s chance very highly. Honestly, he will be a tough bone to crack for the PDP come 2015 general elections.

My General Sir, she knows her problems. She knows the content of every page in her history book. Therefore, reminding her, the countless problems that describes her name is dangerous for her lily-livered heart and seemingly hopeless situation. Instead of following the path of a less compassionate and a regional leader, why not tell her when you will solve her problems; console her with how you will solve her problems. It is now left for her to read between the lines but by then, you must have done a whole lot of good than this harm you keep causing her.

Jonathan’s predicament

Nigeria is falling apart economically, academically and numerically. Meanwhile, Dr Good luck Jonathan has continuously printed the lies of a working government to the nation and international communities but Nigeria is becoming a ghost town where almost everything is “dead”. More Unfortunately, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s predicament has become a national headache. Jonathan’s predicaments have triggered Nigerians to ask, “Who rules Nigeria?” Jonathan’s predicaments might cause more harm for the dis-united PDP even as months grind on towards 2015 general elections. Will it be business as usual for President Goodluck Jonathan and the ruling party? Will it be a new era for our infant society under the APC? When will General Buhari change his nickname?

While history answers these questions of uncertainty, it is worthy to note that the 2015 general elections present us with no perfect choice. It will still be that basket filled with those bad oranges we are definitely going to choose from. Never again, boast of APC’s betterment nor sing PDP’s praise because we will still have to compromise our moral standards to elect a leader.

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