(By Owoyemi Babajide Silas)

While I will frown at undeserved insult such as stupid, idiot, bastard ,on the president or members of his family, calling him ‘clueless’ or ‘inept’ or ‘weak’ are not insults if they qualify his actions/inactions! In that vein, I admonish Reuben Abati and Doyin Okupe to Dissociate subservient respect from Morality.

Patriotism is defined as Love, Devotion ,support or defense of one’s country.

Loyalty can be used to define a sense of devotion to something or someone. When used interchangeably with patriotism, it does not mean Loyalty to a person, as a person is not a country and a country is not a person!

While admitting that the constitution confers on us all, the right to support whom we wish, I have to say thatGEJites (one who is given to GEJism.GEJism is defined later) have a skewed understanding of patriotism. This skewed understanding results from their ‘minority’ philosophy. They tend to think patriotism is loyalty to a man! No definition anywhere links patriotism to a man other than the patriot himself! Patriotism is to country GEJites! Okay?

Doyin Okupe; arguably the oldest, most virulent GEJite on twitter today aptly captures the ‘minority’ philosophy. He said it clearly to Christina Amanpour on CNN that Boko Haram and their attrocities are a creation of those,paraphrasing, ‘opposed to a minority presidency’, and are making Nigeria ungovernable for the ‘minority’ president!

While I agree that Boko Haram and their sponsors are Traitors and enemies of Nigeria, I think it is absolutely simplistic and intellectually Lazy of Doyin okupe and other Gejites to vehemently, even with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, maintain that Boko Haram is all about GEJ and his being a minority president!

The other day, a lady became violent on twitter because she felt it was wrong for tinubu to own TVC! I asked if they reported lies against FG;She said no! I told her Dokpesi and Murray-Bruce (AIT/STV) were PDP members;she called me a liar

I asked if she knew republicans own FOX news and if she knew they give no apologies for criticising OBAMA (in a bias way even); she said that’s America!

Then she switched to sahara Reporters! I then asked if PDP/GEJ has ever sued them(sahara reporters) for libel or slander;she said no!I asked if anything they’ve reported turned out to be falsehood; she said no!

Then she said sahara reporters are BH members! “Why” I asked, she said ‘because they knew about BH’s capture of MUBi and ashaka before it was made official;they had to have been privy to it! At that point, I gave up!

It’s really hard to having a non-tribal, non-religious , reasonable conversation with GEJites!

They just can’t see past their obsessive thoughts that All criticism is a personal attack on a ‘minority’ president by people opposed to him being president!

They are quick to forget that Tunde bakare, wole soyinka and all his(GEJ’s) biggest critics today once marched through streets in Abuja demanding he be sworn in as acting President!!

Asari-Dokubo is quick to forget,during his Mindless Vituperation, that hausas he now calls infidels marched with Soyinka &Bakare and many more Voted for him in 2011! How quick they are to forget!

Dr Doyin Okupe retorted after the congo match yesterday “The Enemies Of Nigeria Have Been Put to shame, GOD showed up in Congo and Gave Super eagles victory” . This to me, smacks of the ‘minority’ philosophy mentality where a Loyalist mistakes Loyalty to a person (GEJ) to be Patriotism.

Dr Doyin okupe and other GEJites also mistake GEJism, defined as an often irrational support of GEJ, against dissent,with unreasonable refusal to admit the truth even in the face of glaring evidence, and an aversion for explaining perceived wrong actions in an intelligible manner ; with Nationalism : defined as a support for one’s country against another country!!

Doyin Okupe and other GEJites will want us to be indifferent to all the attrocities of the present Government, from Okonjo-iweala denying the economy is in shambles and later admitting it, to DHQ insisting there is a cease fire agreement with Boko Haram (even to foreign media, after Shekau had denounced Danladi!!) & later saying they (DHQ) never said there was ceasefire!! They’d rather we (Non GEJites) were Like the person Elie Wiesel describes in the following quote : “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.”

GEJites however forget that Elie Wiesel also admonishes us to always speak up against aberrations in the following quote : “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest”.

GEJites must remember that, however GEJirian they may feel, they are Nigerians Like us, and we have Rights like them!! As a matter of fact, we have a right to self expression as May Sarton admonishes in the following quote : “We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”

Doyin Okupe and Reuben Abati in an Epic Gaffe said it is now a Punishable offence to call GEJ “clueless” or “Drunkard”!! I laughed out Loud at the ‘Ingenuity’ of both these GEJites as they inadvertently provided a new adjective for angry youth who do not take kindly to threats : “clueless drunkard”! LOL! Talk about a deer prancing into a Lion’s den!

While I will frown at undeserved insult such as stupid, idiot, bastard ,on the president or members of his family, calling him ‘clueless’ or ‘inept’ or ‘weak’ are not insults if they qualify his actions/inactions! In that vein, I admonish Reuben Abati and Doyin Okupe to Dissociate subservient respect from Morality as Isaac Asimov advises in the following quote : “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.”

Uncle, Daddy , Dr Doyin ( how’s that for respect sir?hope it makes you feel respected even though I have no iota of respect for you as a person), don’t forget that as Frank Zappa wisely said.

:“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”

We Non-Gejites are not satisfied with the status quo, we are not Indifferent to the shambolic state of the economy and the pervasive Poverty and unemployment. We are not subservient respecters of Liars, Rogues, who constantly rape our commonwealth, and tell us to shut up in shame, like it is our fault for being so ‘sexy’!

We non-GEJites are Nigerians not GEJirians! We are Nationalists, not GEJists and above all We are not mereGejites, We are Patriots!!



Source: Abusidiqu

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