Have you heard that Data is the new crude oil? There is so much fuss about data today that big
companies, like Total, KPMG, Jumia, Amazon, Microsoft and more, are seriously investing in data.

This reveals that, more than ever before, organizations here in Nigeria, and Africa, also need to start investing
in data and devise new ways they can use it to grow their organization, exponentially.
With this in mind, The Rise Labs by Rise Networks, Nigeria’s first Artificial Intelligence, Data and People
Analytics-Powered Jobs and Work Readiness center, held her very first Professional Development
Workshop on Data Literacy for Decision Making in Organizations, at The Rise Labs on Thursday May 30,


Industry thought leaders and Titans like Yomi Akinyemi, Yemi Keri and Oluwatobi Williams facilitated the
training which focused on Data Analysis, Visualization and Management.

Ms. Yemi Keri during her session with the participants

Ms. Yemi Keri (who was Director & Regional Manager for SAP across West Africa) facilitated the first
training session with focus on: Data Strategies Useful for Informed Decision Making in Organizations and


Participants learned about the importance of data and analytics in business; the essential components
that every data strategy must have; ways to identify the kind of data that the organization needs as well
the kind of team members needed for an efficient Data analytics team.

Oluwatobi Williams taking participant through Data Visualization


Oluwatobi Williams a former Audit Analyst and Data Engineer with extensive academic exploits from
University of Sheffield and University of Loughborough) facilitated the second training session with focus
on: New Tools and Techniques for Data Collection, Data Presentation and Data Visualization.
Participants learned about the new tools that can be used to collect data, interpret data and present
data in a way that makes it easy for anyone to understand and apply immediately to solve real


Mr. Yomi Akinyemi during his session with participants


Mr. Yomi Akinyemi, MBA, FCCA (who leads the Data & Analytics Business of KPMG Executive Sourcing in
Nigeria) facilitated the last training session, with focus on: Using Data Analytics as a guide for clients and
stakeholders planning, growth and profitability.


Participants learned about why organizations use data today, the different things organizations can use
data for (to grow, reduce cost, manage risks and more). Participants learned about how to prioritize
data for a more efficient decision making process.


In addition to all these, Professionals present gained knowledge and insights in developing Data
solutions to help Companies and Countries make Growth Decisions. They also learned how to explain

huge numbers, crunch them in simple pictorial frameworks or infographics and use it to guide their
organization on decisions and projects for different sectors.


The Rise Labs by Rise Networks released 23 New Professionals in “Data Literacy for Decision Making in Organizations” who are prepared to take Nigeria and the world by storm!


The workshop closed with a very interactive session, where participants had the opportunity to network
with these seasoned facilitators, as well as other 40 professionals present at the workshop. Certificates
were also presented to all participants on completion of the workshop.


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