Data-driven Human Resources (HR) has been on the rise over the last few years, and this is not surprising because of the advanced digital age that we are moving into. Data rules and guides everything that we do on a daily basis.


Access to real data can help us improve the way we live and this doesn’t exempt the way brands are built for sustainability, hence the importance of gathering and analyzing data on people working within an organization, as well as people that will be considered for job openings within an organization.


With the rise of many more startups, as well as existing organizations seeking growth, it is important for them to look into people analytics as it affects their organization.


People analytics, also known as HR analytics, helps managers and executives make decisions about their workforce. It can dramatically improve the way organizations identify, attract, develop and retain talent.


Organizations can use it to understand why people are leaving their company, how to hire and sustain the right kind of employees, who are willing to get paid for investing in the growth of the company.


Small to medium scale organizations can use it to create a company culture that will improve both the work environment, as well as boost the productivity of employees. They can use it to identify successful employees who can be nurtured for succession planning, find out which departments are running too lean while, which other departments are overstaffed and so much more!


How then can you adopt this into your organization? First, start gathering important data about your brand from current employees and employees who have left, or that are about to leave.


Doing this will allow organizations to track the trends in their work space as it affects their workforce and the overall growth plan of the organization.


Next, leverage on this data to improve the both the recruitment strategies and company culture in such a way that it will positively impact the productivity of the employees.


As an employer, always ask if your employees are happy working with you. Ask about how they feel about the job role. Find out if they wish to advance in career and what kind of career advancement they want. Their responses to these questions, and other related relevant questions, will really help organizations understand their employees and how they fit into the mission of the organization. It will also help organizations know how best to create an environment that encourages the kind of career growth they are aiming for.


Also, if you’re always experiencing a lot of absence, then you can use HR analytics to find out why your staff are always absent. In cases where these absences are caused by an illness, you investigate further if it is an illness caused by the work environment or personal health issues which they are not able to address due to poor health insurance plans.



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