Last month we shared a very simply story on what big data really means. [Take a look ]. There is so much data available around us and unfortunately, we don’t use it properly to our advantage.


Running a successful organization in this era requires that you are able to make better informed decisions about every aspect of the organization. Having access to data, and analyzing it, can drastically improve the way you run the organization. Interestingly, this data we’re talking about is not as complex as you might think it is.


Looking at the very simply story we shared last month, we can see how data can help organizations maximize every single information about your target audience. Hence, the need to invest in collecting and analyzing data about your target audience.


It’s understandable that as a small to medium scale organization you can’t compete with bigger organizations that have millions to spare, to hire people to collect and analyze data for them. However, there are simpler tools that you can use to analyzing your data so you can improve your services or products. Take a look at these 3 powerful tools…


  • Google Analytics

Yes, Google analytics is a very powerful tool for understanding everything that goes on your website. You can have a better understanding of how your website visitors interact with your website, and help improve their experience on the website so that you can make more sales. The google analytics tool is also great for measuring your returns on marketing investments. This is a must if you want to keep running more effective adverts online rather than just pouring marketing funds into adverts that aren’t getting you the kind of sales that you want. There is so much data available on this tool that can be used to improve the overall performance of your website, in a bid to get more conversions of sales .


  • Kiss Metrics

This is also another amazing tool that small to large scale organizations can use to analyze their big data. It gives a very rich data-driven insight into your customer behavior through your website, email marketing campaigns, mobile applications and so on. It helps with segmentation and precision targeting, so business owners can better understand and engage their customers throughout their purchasing journeys.


  • Flurry

Flurry is also an amazing app for organizations that have mobile applications. Flurry can help them analyze the performance of the mobile app. It helps them see customer behavior, conversion rates, problematic app features and more.



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