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CV and Cover Letter Writing/Rewriting, Editing, and Design CV CV editing and design creation 5,000
Cover Letter Cover Letter Writing, Editing, and Design 5,000
2. Social Media Clean-up LinkedIn A single Profiling 2,000
Facebook A Single Profiling 2,000
Twitter A single Profiling 1,000
3. Simulation Lab Interaction Pre-Interview Coaching 30mins 10,000
On the Spot Assessment One Review
Pre-employment Personality Testing 15mins
Expert feedback, review, and advisory 15mins



Intensive Coaching Coaching Mentor: 30minute chat over skype or phone. 5,000
Coach: 45min chat over skype or phone. 6,500
Master Coach: 60min chat over skype or phone. 8,000


Training Courses (Coffee Break, Lunch, Certificate of Completion and Training Materials) Data Literacy for Decision Making in Organizations: Lessons in Data Analysis, Visualization and Management A deep dive into Analytics and Big Data for individuals and organizations who have so much data and information at their disposal but do not know how to crunch the numbers and leverage them for the growth of their Enterprise or those of their Clients is the true focus of this Subject Matter. At the end of the course, you will understand how to explain huge numbers, crunch them in simple pictorial frameworks or infographics and use it to guide your organization on decisions and projects for different sectors. 10,000
The Program on Negotiation & Stakeholder Management: You Win, They Win – The Art, Science and Strategy for successful Negotiations This course provides a strategic management approach for managers and consultants, with best practice insights for considering and managing varying interests, conflict resolution and common issues around change management. The Techniques on Negotiation will be taught with examples and scenario building sessions. 10,000
Design Thinking and Disruptive Innovation: Developing strategic and practical methods for productive problem solving within Organizations The ability to creatively anticipate problems and design custom fit solutions that embody and leverage innovative tools and thoughts is a rare but high-value skill in the fast-paced digital world of work.  This course makes you the go-to person who can, not only design interventions quickly utilizing data, tools and refined intuition, but also one who can spot the holes in an approach no matter how well hidden it is. Acquiring this skill is what this course will equip you with offering you a solid competitive advantage and a platform for rapid career growth. 10,000
People Analytics in HR Operations: A Data Driven approach to People & Performance Management This course helps you understand that; every day at work, data is present. From the nuances and actions of staff, to feedback from staff and customers, to the number of people who enter into your business premises in a day and the percentage of them your staff are able to convert from Visitors to actual customers etc. A huge amount of Data is le unused, leaving crucial questions such as “Why are employees more or less engaged” to guts and feeling to answers. Your ability to decipher your organizations’ people problem be it Staff, Customers or other Stakeholders & improve performance through data gathering. Building an astute workforce avoiding bias or error puts you in the position of a smart and efficient human resource professional who will constantly be compensated with growth opportunities. 10,000
Introduction to Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Mid-Level Professionals Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Scientists, Corporations and Governments are latching on to the global trends in AI, Machine Learning and other frontier technologies to strengthen their internal control systems and scale up growth. This Track provides a basic but comprehensive introduction to smart applications of deep learning models and solutions that are urgently needed for Organizations who need to present and relevant in this Fourth Industrial Revolution Era. No matter what industry you’re currently playing, this Track takes you closer to the future of Innovation as the world has never experienced it. 10,000
Social Media and Digital Marketing Skills for Organizational Growth – Of Buzzwords and Hashtags, how to help your Organization key into new and emerging Innovation. By the end of the course, you will have defined your audience, create a result oriented digital marketing strategy, driving traffic with modern tools to wider customer base and increasing sales. 10,000
Microsoft Excel – Basic to Intermediate (With Post Training Study Notes and Videos)


This course will help you explore and understand the use of MS Excel, navigate and enter data into a Spreadsheet. Our extensive coverage of all MS Excel application offered ensures that, whatever your learning expectation is, we’ve got you covered. 10,000
Finance for Non-Finance Professionals 101: Understanding the basic principles of accounting and finance Your role may not be finance specific but your understanding of basic budgeting, financial Planning, modelling and management gives you an edge over colleagues during General Meetings where your contributions and inputs are expected or when the position of a Head of your department is vacant seeing that you’ll have to oversee an entire Unit and manage the costs that come with such responsibility. This Training will strengthen your knowledge and grasp on Organizational finance, how to interpret financial statements such as profit & loss, the balance sheet, cash flow forecasts, risk analysis as well as break even figures. 10,000
Intrapreneurship: Influence the Top from the Bottom – The 360 Degrees Blueprint for Flipping the Traditional Model of being an Employee In this course, our expert facilitators will be sharing result-oriented knowledge on strategic methods to scale up yourself to become a self-starter, apply yourself in varying official circumstances, take initiatives, think, act and operate with the mentality of an Entrepreneur within your organization in preparation for your own future which is closer than you think 10,000


The Program will help Employees and Professionals make smart and profitable investment decisions reducing the risk of loss of remuneration without any viable reference investment within your Career lifespan. The modules will be detailed with the foundational principles on investing and savings. Guided by experts, we anticipate that at the end of this course, our participants will have practical, well researched insights that will increase your understanding of how-to-invest, what-to-invest-in, when-to-invest, the possible returns on different kinds of investments and how to save for investments and the future. The Class will comprise of entry level grads, young professionals and mid-level Managers from across various sectors and industries. 10,000
The Introductory Theory & Practical of Sales and Marketing This course will teach you how to design and implement your sales planning, forecasting, and effective CRM strategies. Alongside a working knowledge of customer acquisitions and retention approaches; you will learn marketing automation, inbound marketing, and more importantly the adaptive and innovative approach to tackle the changing nature of customer behavior, interactions and trends that is placing a huge demand on marketing professionals to remain current and competitive in an over saturated landscape with new talent and emerging competition. 10,000
Personal Mastery & Personal Branding: Crafting a set of Principles and Values that guide your Thinking, Actions, Human Relations and Decisions in your career and organization


This course is designed to make you a beer manager of yourself by seeing through and recognizing your strengths and weaknesses in your interaction with others. It will help you become a person of conviction who stays fervent, consistent and focused in the face of adversity and it dwell on your personality type and approach with a key focus on workplace performance. With key focus on workplace performance. 10,000
Professional Content Marketing and Business Writing: Enhancing your skill in the usage of Wit and Words This Course will introduce participants to the concept of business wring and show them how to communicate concisely, clearly and effectively to generate sales, drive marketing, hold the attention of audiences and convince stakeholders to accept and adopt your perspectives, positions or products. Written communication in business is a critical and constant practice. Wring sales and advertising copies, leers, electronic correspondence, press releases, reports, and other professional communication is very crucial within organizations. 10,000
Customer Service Essentials In this course, you will understand the key essentials of customer service. You will learn the wit and grit of how to identify the fundamental needs and behaviour of customers; that will enable you make a lasting first impression as a customer service professional and convert leads and visitors to loyal customers. 10,000
Effective Project Management and Reporting: How to efficiently plan, implement, monitor and maintain control on Projects from start to finish Every organization has projects and from ideation to completion, challenges are rife along the way. Effective Project Managers are seen and respected as Problem Solvers but this is no magic. You need to experience an immersion in Project Management techniques applicable to projects within any industry and an interactive class session full of case studies and tools as this workshop is the most appropriate for you. This class will be further enriched with Project Management tools like Microsoft Project; an application typical for project timeline tracking. 10,000
WOMEN LEADERSHIP AND CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: How to overcome Professional Barriers and emerge a Strong Leader in your Industry The presence of corporate bureaucracy is an age long impediment present across almost all sectors, preventing women from attaining specific leadership positions and slowing them down from reaching the peak of their Careers within record time. This course is specially designed with the understanding that these barricades might never go away, hence there is need for you to learn the art of deploying tactful engagement to win loyalty, support and manage sexual harassment, transactional relationships with male folk in the work place and other veiled threats in your career journey. This course details multiple techniques to by-pass these obstacles and achieve your leadership goal or getting Board Appointment/s within the shortest possible time 10,000
Strategy and Competitive Intelligence: Talent is not enough – building your capacity to identify, assess and respond to opportunities for Products and Markets Knowledge meets Analysis in its most potent form. Learn how to overrun and outperform your competitors and own the market by focusing on a clearly defined differentiation strategy. Turn your stakeholders into evangelists, take the lead to gain competitive advantage in the industry and take a defensive position in generating a superior Return on Investment. 10,000
The Art of Effective Communication, Presentation & Public Speaking: How to get results with your Voice, Personality and Presence in your Career and Organization Personality is pivotal to your Career Growth and if you’re memorable and outstanding within your professional circles, you’ll command respect and your career will soar beyond your expectations. This course is designed to help new and growing managers of the Corporate Ladder develop stellar professional communication skills. Participants are expected to be ready to get equipped on how to deliver outstanding presentations that are rich in text and audio visual content 10,000
Social and Emotional Intelligence: Mastering the top soft skills employers seek in the Workplace Emotional Quotient is pivotal to your success in your workplace and this Course will teach you Self Awareness and Self-Regulation. Become the Manager other Managers aspire to be like because you enjoy loyalty from your subordinates, peers and superiors, you win relationships rather than win arguments, you secure approvals and support with very minimal effort, you’re rarely in the bad books of anyone, you care about the welfare of your People and you perceive, control and evaluate emotional cues. 10,000
The Making of a Leader in today’s Workplace: Knowledge, Management and Supervision – Why should anyone be led by you? Leadership is Talent – a mix of grit, empathy, firmness and drive. The principles, behavioral patterns and levels of leadership will be explored in detail and depth to help participants to develop aptitude and abilities in effective and visionary leadership. 10,000
Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for Beginners This course will enable you demonstrate expertise in many specialized areas of word processing, documents and powerful presentations creation. Mastering Microsoft word enables you produce present documents using charts, mail merge, referencing and design; while, Microsoft PowerPoint helps you create compelling presentations that makes a positive impression on your audience further positioning you as an efficient professional. This core skill when mastered, gives you a competitive edge in your career journey. 7,000
Lessons in Product Design, Product Management and Product Development Operations Conceptualization, Development and Deployment/Marketing of new or re-branded product is a complex process that requires crucial guidelines on how to satisfy consumer demand. This course will cover systematic approaches to product development processes, product design, go-to-market strategies, quantitative and qualitative market research and crystal definition of target market. 10,000
6. Photography Studio Professional Profile Picture A Single Picture 1,500
Double Picture (One formal, and the other semi-formal) 2,500
7. Suit and Tie Rental Services A neat and sharp PROFESSIONAL appearance is crucial to making a first impression during interviews but you don’t need to break the Bank.

For Men, we have a smart collection of Black and Grey coloured Suits plus a wide array of plain & patterned ties in various colours available for you to rent and return. We will announce our Wardrobe Collection for the Women shortly.

For In-house Photography 2,000
8. Coffee Bar A cup of coffee 100 In House Purchase
Cake 100 In House Purchase
Croissants and Pastries 100 In House Purchase
Bun 100 In House Purchase
Packaged Snacks- Plantain Chips, Chin-Chin, Popcorn, Cookies 100 In House Purchase
9. The Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot


1 Recruitments and Staff Group Corporate Trainings Recruitments Supply organizations with talented work ready individuals 50,000
2 Executive Search Top Management Recruitment Project 150,000
Organization Management Training Organizational Behavior, Managing Office Politics, Interpersonal Relations, Social and Emotional Intelligence 50,000
3 Education In The Workplace HR and Team Development Accountability and Delegation
Attracting, Retaining and Engaging Your Workforce
Creating a Service Culture: Every Employee is a Customer Service Rep
Effective Communication Skills for the Workplace
Effective Recognition and Reward Programs
Employee Engagement: Beyond Satisfaction
Mastering the Art of Interviewing
Performance Management: Finding the Best Approach for Your Workforce
Respect in the Workplace
Legal Compliance Annual Compliance Update
Advanced Employment Law: Case Law Update
Nigerians with Disabilities Act: Doing the Right Thing the Right Way
Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations
Discipline and Documentation
Employee Handbooks and Supervision Handbooks
Employment Law: Minimize Risk and Gain Confidence
Harassment Awareness Training
Making Job Descriptions Compliant, Accurate and Meaningful
Reasonable Suspicion Training
Unemployment Benefits: The Inside Scoop
Wage and Hour Basics
Leadership and Supervision Basics of Supervision
Dynamic Leadership Skills Series
Leadership Engagement Essentials
Lead person Effectiveness
Leading with Strengths
Personal/Professional Development Powerful Presentation Skills
Stress Management
Difficult and Crucial Conversations at Work
Trainer Development Effective Meeting Facilitation
Train the Trainer
Compensation and Benefits Developing a Total Compensation Strategy 100,000

Special Service Bundles

Bundle Type Bundle Packages Amount (₦)
Work Readiness Initial Bundle ·       CV review, editing, and design

·       1 Social Media Clean-up

·       Simulation

Work Readiness Robust Bundle ·       CV & Cover Letter Review, editing, and design

·       2 Social Media Clean-up

·       1 Professional Profile Picture

Work Readiness Smart Bundle ·       CV & Cover Letter Review, editing, and design

·       2 Social Media Clean-up

·       2 Professional Profile Pictures

·       Work Readiness Coaching



Programs Frequency Amount
Documentary Night Monthly FREE
Speaker Series Monthly 10,000 per Participant
Career Fair Bi-annually

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