Renewable energy, also known as clean energy, is an energy source that doesn’t run out because it comes from a more natural source like wind, water, sun, heat beneath the earth, tides or wastes. Energy from these sources is used to generate wind energy, hydropower, solar energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy or biomass energy.


The focus during the April 2019 Monthly Speaker Series, held at The Rise Labs, was on being innovative with these renewable energies and taking advantage of these unlimited energy sources to generate stable and affordable electricity in Nigeria, and Africa too.


Over 40 participants were educated on world class solutions and new models of intervention in Nigeria’s energy sector. These are the 5 things you can also learn from this event



  1. Sustained renewable energy creates a chain reaction that can positively affect every aspect of the economy. Small to medium scale businesses can effectively run any aspect of operations that depends on electricity. Healthcare facilities can offer better services to people in Nigeria, redirect the funds spent on medical travel to other countries into our economy which would help grow our economy.


  1. Focus should be on using technology to create a more stable electricity source that homes, businesses and service providers can bank on. This implies that a longevity plan that will sustain the production of such energy should be in place.


  1. When creating such tech innovations, leverage on the power of artificial intelligence, big data and people analytics, to attract the right talents that can help run the vision of the tech innovation and well as understand the people they are create the solutions for.


  1. Don’t do it alone, if you don’t have all the right skill sets. Learn to find partners that can complement your skills and that understands the solutions you’re trying to provide. [ SEE the various courses and trainings that The Rise Labs offers  ]


  1. Keep learning about the industry and keep getting better with the kind of solutions you’re offering to ensure the innovation remains relevant.


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