The WorkPlan is Africa’s first Private Sector Led Collaborative Platform for Policy Makers, Private Sector, The Academia and Africa’s Youth to draw up a Practical Blueprint for developing the formal & informal Skills of young people that are pivotal to Job Creation and the sustainable growth of Africa’s various sectors and industries ahead of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The first industrial revolution was steam, the second was electrification and mass production, and the third was the advent of computerized technologies and with it the automation of physical labor such as manufacturing. The fourth industrial revolution will be marked by many advances in many forms of technology but most notably the automation of cognitive labor. Anything mentally routine or predictable, no matter how cognitively intense, can and will be achieved by some form of technology. As a result, we need to think differently about what work humans best address and how we prepare them for that work.



With an anticipated annual labor market entry of about 11 Million youth for the next 10years, it is crucial for Nigeria and Africa to get introspective about preparing our future workforce at a time when Innovation Enterprise is predicting that automation will power 85 percent of customer service by 2020 and cut business costs by $8 Billion by 2022.

Are Africa’s Youth competitive across the Continent and globally? Are our High Schools and Tertiary Institutions using Instructional Material that are future compliant? With the breakneck speed at which emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Block chain etc. are invading Public and Private Systems, does the quality of education and skills African young people have access to make them ready for the future of work? If we must position Africa’s current and successor generations to compete for high-level jobs with competitive remunerations in the emerging global digital economy, what policies, efforts and actions do we need to make and take?



” Of the 600 million young people entering the labour market by 2030, one in three will be a young African. A rethink now on how to better prepare African youth to the Future of Work is thus essential if we are to strategically implement Agenda2063 of the African Union and 2030 Sustainable Development Goals” – International Labour Organization.


  • Students in Tertiary institutions
  • Young Professionals
  • HR Practitioners/Experts
  • Youth Corpers
  • CEOs
  • Federal Ministers and State Commissioners of Education, Science and Tech
  • Policy Makers
  • Representatives of International Agencies
  • Team Leads/Managers across Industries
  • Techies & Venture Capitalists


Rise Networks is working to ensure that young people across Nigeria and by extension Africa get access to the knowledge and skills that will make them key beneficiaries of sustainable economic opportunities in addition to decent and dignified work across Value Chains within different sectors and Industries with a major goal of achieving the 4th, 8th, 9th and 17th UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Machines are consuming the jobs that humans have the Talents to achieve and it’s not just about jobs that require basic skills and expertise and by this, the resistance of emerging tech in African communities is rife but the Truth is that Machines need smart humans to teach them to think and be effective. The back end absorption and integration of many human beings in Organizations that are already integrating Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Block chain and other disruptive technologies show that the most important action that Africa must take now is to skill up our People – both for Formal Jobs and for informal, vocation based Jobs.



  1. Create a system and talent pipeline that launches Young people into new careers in emerging fields of expertise through retooling, training and new education in alignment for the Jobs of the Future.
  2. Organized and administered online Vocational Education Programs, either in traditional ‘course’ formats, or in self-directed, independent learning opportunities, supplemented by face-to-face, hands-on, practice Sessions especially for in-demand jobs and industries.
  3. A dedicated policy driven, private sector led investment in the training, internships, apprenticeships and job placements of Young People from post high school to post tertiary education level.
  4. Fully Immersive Campus Based Higher Education and Person-to-Person learning, as well as mentoring to build and deepen social and work readiness skills, capabilities and attributes.
  5. The Revamping of our Education Systems by increasing the motivation and skills of Teachers and Instructors to teach Young people TO PERFORM rather than simply teach TO MEMORIZE.

The Work Plan is happening at a period that’s fortuitously auspicious for stakeholders across the Board to tackle the scourge of youth unemployment and proffer relevant, effective and sustainable solutions. We understand that for this to thrive and succeed, it is imperative that governments and policy-makers methodically collaborate with Key Actors such as the private sector, civil society, innovators and the Youth themselves to create the enabling ecosystem that will Africa’s Young People prepare for The Future of Work.


About Rise Networks

RISE NETWORKS is Nigeria’s leading Social Enterprise whose mandate focuses on using Tech Innovation to create advocacy, skills empowerment and learning opportunities for the inclusive growth of Youth with the core objective of preparing them for effective Value Based Leadership at all levels in the Public, Private and Social Sectors.


The Rise Labs by Rise Networks

The Rise Labs is a Data Science powered Learning, Research and Work Readiness Lab.

Our trainings, projects & products are centred around Emerging Technologies and Disruptive Innovation in the realms of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things & Advanced Analytics.

We’re knowledge focused, research and development driven and we teach and have courses/programs in technical skills relevant for the Future of Work and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We also create and deliver data driven project/product models for private and public sector organizations and institutions for the good and growth of society.

We host Ideathons, Hackathons, Events and partner across Industries on result-oriented projects of mutual benefit that align with our core values and principles.