Data-Driven Leader is measured and focused. A Data-Driven Leader recognizes that data connects, data drives accountability and data can be quantified.

Data allows us to measure our focus. In this digital world, it may be the only way to truly know your customer, your product and your market.

According to IBM, there are the four levels in data leadership:

The Torch Bearers

This set of people have excelled by infusing their data strategy to their business strategy with trust as the plumb line. Operating in a data-rich culture, they generate higher revenue growth and profitability than their peers.

The Explorers 

They experiment with ways to integrate their business and data strategies while extracting value from data. They don’t consistently realize its highest possible value, but they see the trust economy as a path to achieving outstanding mutual benefit.

The Builders

They are making progress in aligning their business and data strategies with the intention of growing a data culture. The Builders apply data to objectives even if the expected returns are not achieved, they constantly work towards their goals.

The Aspirationals 

They integrate enterprise- wide business and data strategies but do not have a data- driven culture in place. The Aspirationals have limited success in extracting value from data and cementing trust as a foundation.

When implemented well, Data is taking organizations and individuals to new levels of transformation.

By understanding where you are on the data leadership pyramid, you gain more insight into your journey into the world of data. 

Source: IBM


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