Tech Innovation for Education Reform

PASSNOWNOW.COM is an EdTech platform with smart advantages including Curriculum Based Secondary School Class Notes for JSS1 to SSS3 with Assessments, Super Simple Self Studying mechanisms, Past Questions of JSCE, WAEC, NECO & JAMB Exams for practice and preparation and Peer to Peer Collaborative Learning for underserved Students and Teachers.

Rise Networks created in 2012 and positioned it as one of the most incredible and innovative interventions in Nigeria’s deplorable education sector. is a revolutionary Mobile Learning Platform that has digitized Nigeria’s High School Curriculum for the first time ever as an open source available for Teachers, Parents and Students all over the Country.

It houses all subjects contained in the Nigerian Secondary School Syllabus from JSS1 to SS3 following the daily sequential order with which they are taught in School such that students can read ahead of Classes and in special circumstances where Teachers either do not attend Class, skip teaching certain subjects in the Syllabus or public schools are short-staffed and do not have a Teacher for a subject, the student misses nothing.

In addition, the E-Learning portal provides past questions and answers on University entry level Exams such as WAEC and JAMB, teaches Grammar Tips using new words, short sentences, antonyms, synonyms etc. and connects Parents and Lesson Teachers for extra home tutoring. Given that the web and mobile are contributing in no small way to education, embodies an online study platform that provides secondary school students with upbeat, on-the-go solutions to all subjects in the simplest ways, and more than that, equip them with an awareness of the larger world.

With over 50,000+ Syllabus and Curriculum based Subject focused content, hundreds of thousands of Registered Users, students, parents and teachers have been subscribing en masse and taking advantage of the content available on Students have access to Classwork Notes (JSS1 – SSS3) along with practice questions to test their knowledge after reading/studying on the site, Exam Past Questions for WAEC and JAMB to revise and prepare, a chat room to meet other students with similar goals and challenges to share ideas and knowledge, provision for lesson teachers on request and other value adding features or as low as N100. It’s interesting to note that Teachers even use notes from to teach in Class given the shortage of supply and the lack of the financial wherewithal for many of them to purchase quality textbooks.

Programs under include: DIGITEACH-NG, STEAMIZENS & Takada


is an initiative thoughtfully put together by with the genuine intention of equipping high school students and teachers in Nigeria {beginning with 5 Lagos State Schools as a Pilot} with ICT skills over one academic term period in the following areas: 1. How to Use a Computer; Basic Computer Literacy & Word Processing Skills 2. Using the Internet to conduct Research and improve Classroom Learning Experience & Instructional Content Delivery. 3. Using Microsoft PowerPoint to present Class Content and improve the subject understanding of students in interesting and engaging ways that drive & enhance Learning. 4. Increasing the Proficiency and ability to learn/teach and instruct using Computers and Projectors in Classrooms. In the first 2018 Pilot phase, we plan to train 75 Students and 25 Teachers in 5 Secondary Schools within Lagos State bringing the total sum of participants to 500 People and they will receive Certificates of Participation co-branded and signed by HP and after they have completed the Training.

STEAMIZENS [Steam Citizens]

is an intensive STEAM Focused Program with a framework designed as a response to an informal needs assessment conducted for Teens interested in STEAM in Nigeria recently, to equip them with the tools, skills, techniques and methodologies for building and pursuing Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.It is intended to expose them to new knowledge, frameworks and practicals in STEAM Subjects through Art, Coding, Robotics and Mathematical Calculations with the goal of ensuring they become Problem Solvers, gain early relevance within Nigeria’s Public and Private Sectors and pursue Careers in these Fields. By this, we also begin to develop home grown talent that’ll be useful to various Industries of the economy in the short and long term.120 Secondary School Students between the ages of 10 and 18 who have demonstrable interest in Science, Art and Tech Subjects are selected through nominations by Schools, Community Organizations, Religious Institutions, Women Groups and other relevant Associations across all 6 Geo-Political Zones [20 from one anchor State in a Zone] are direct beneficiaries of the Program which runs after school hours for 3hrs, 3days each of the week for 30 weeks — 270 cumulative Hours. They are trained by practicing Artists and Engineers in different fields and we also adopt a top to bottom approach where Professors of Fine Arts and Engineering in Universities and Outstanding Art, Science and Tech Teachers in Secondary Schools form part of the Faculty to train the Participants. We partner with the Nigerian Society of Engineers to implement the Program and to secure Certification for the Girls after the Trainings and work with the Association of Women Engineers of Nigeria for post program mentoring for the Girls by their Members. Using a curriculum designed with a global perspective targeted at providing solutions to local problems, the Program culminates into a STEAM-KATHON where the Participants are encouraged to use their newly acquired knowledge to solve a specific problem that’s currently ravaging the Region of Nigeria they come from. First, Second and Third Prize Winners will emerge from the Competition. STEAMIZENS combines teacher-led, project-based learning in small groups using digital learning tools and the participants are given soft skills around entrepreneurship and innovation to better help them prepare for Internships and Workplace Readiness.

Financial Literacy and Leadership Program – FINLEAD

FINLEAD is a novel initiative we have carefully and tenaciously put together at, the E-Learning Project of RISE NETWORKS with the intention to equip secondary school students in Nigeria with skills in Financial Literacy and Leadership, two important skills necessary in preparing them as effective leaders within Private and Public Sector in their adult lives.

The programme is intended to help secondary school students see Ethical Leadership with Impact as a Must Have while teaching them to understand and appreciate the value of money, its economic importance and the ethical behaviour required for its management.

Vocational Skills Accelerator Program – VSAP

The underlying objective of the Vocational Skills Accelerator Program (VSAP) is to encourage job creation for Nigerian youths through effective skills acquisition/utilization. The long-term goal will lead to productivity in the economy and consequently enable Nigeria to take her pride of place amongst nations of the world. To achieve this, we believe that Nigeria must move on from just creating and empowering entrepreneurs with personal wealth and focus on strengthening industries and job creation platforms that posses proven and efficient models.

Direct Seed Funding should be for businesses that have sustainable job creation deliverables in their Plans. Education must be relevant to industries and they must ensure to absorb the highest quality candidates from our education system. In the same vein, the demand for manpower must be matched with the supply of relevant skills.

This Programme will also deepen the understanding of young people on the importance of looking beyond non-existent white collar jobs which has been the focus of their dreams and ambitions and help them have more realistic goals towards the job market. In the light of this therefore, participants in the vocational Skills Accelerator Programme will be expected to create secondary employment opportunities for other young people and extend their skill sets to other youths. Special attention will be on how many jobs each SME can create instead of merely focusing on the profit each enterprise can generate.


Rise National Youth Debate Championship (Formerly known as Rise National Youth Forum – RNYF)

It is common knowledge amongst several Nigerians that RISE NETWORKS has in the last decade independently created and managed Nigeria’s most successful Youth Engagement Programme- the RISE NATIONAL YOUTH FORUM which was in 2011 reputed to be the largest gathering of young people across different locations in the country by former first lady of the United States; Mrs Michelle Obama. It has been described severally as the most successful Youth engagement/empowerment Programme with presence in all the six geo-political zones of Nigeria. It also received widespread support and partnership from prominent corporations, governments and individuals in the country. Through this Platform, we provided a springboard for young people from diverse disciplines within our society to hear from the excelled and established individuals of our time, birthing in them a greater vision for life and inspiring them to greater heights as they scale the ladder of success. In 2018, we decided to go a step further and give Nigerian youth a platform to manage narratives on social and political issues in Nigeria, this birthed the Rise National Youth Debate Championship. This platform will provide the youth ample opportunities to verbally express themselves, dictate the narrative and drive the conversation.

The Ideas Competition for the Nigerian Commemoration of the United Nations International Youth Day

The International Youth Day is an awareness day designated by the United Nations to draw attention to a set of cultural and legal issues surrounding youth. The day was endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly based on recommendation by the World Conference of Ministers responsible for youth which said that the August 12 of every year be declared International Youth Day. Rise Networks as an institution passionately dedicated to assisting Youths to express and achieve their highest feats in idea building, education advancement and wholesome human development annually commemorates the International Youth Day in Nigeria with a spectacular three-Part youth event.