People often narrate how RISE Networks has touched their lives positively. As Nigeria’s Leading Social Enterprise with a deliberate interest and passion for Youth and Education Development facilitated by Innovation and Technology in Africa, our hearts are gladdened by the reports and testimonies that keeps pouring in from young people home and abroad. Till date, hundreds of thousands of Young people from diverse communities around Nigeria have felt the direct impact of Rise Networks.


And that’s why between October 2015 and March 2016, RISE Networks will be sharing personal success stories/testimonies that highlight our participants’ experiences from all the 6 Geo Political zones of Nigeria. These stories will help bring issues of social entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation and several other dynamics to life by changing mere statistics into real conversations about how young Nigerians have benefited from our quality, life-transforming and empowering capacity building programs over the years.

Your success stories will help us to continue in improving the lives of students, young professionals, youth activists and social entrepreneurs by demonstrating how your relationship with us has impacted you as an individual or young organisation. This is why we would like to hear about and document your successes, as well as any experiences that illustrate your journey and how you have evolved with us over the years.


At RISE Networks, we are always striving to do our work better and improve on our programs. Stories such as yours help us keep focused on what really matters.

In coming forward, you have the opportunity to help change the fortune for millions of young Nigerians. Tell us about what you do and why you do it. Be brave and share your personal success stories, challenges, and discoveries and get some rewards from us.


It is easy to make your submission. Simply email your RISE success story to Your document should provide answers to the following questions:

• Give us a short insight into your work, how and when you encountered RISE Networks?
• How has your participation in any of our programs and your engagement with RISE Networks contributed to your success story?
• Name at least five past speakers at any of our programs and share with us any photograph you took at any RISE NETWORKS Program (Optional).
• Attach your recent photograph.

Members of our Team will review all Entries and the most outstanding entry per week will receive N10, 000 worth of Airtime of your preferred Network in addition to a golden Opportunity to connect with a MENTOR in your chosen Career Field of Practice. This applies to all young People anywhere in Nigeria.


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