The 11th E-Learning Africa Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training jointly organized by the Egyptian Government, Oracle, African Union amongst other reputable global institutions will  take  place  from  May  24 – 26, 2016  in  Cairo,  Egypt ;  with  Toyosi  Akerele-Ogunsiji, Founder & CEO  of  Rise  Networks  being  one  of  the  keynote  speakers  at  this  event to lead the Discussion on “Restarting Africa’s Education through Tech with Innovation and a Digital Revolution”

She  will  be  speaking  on  the  basis  of  her  experience  as  Founder  of –  an      internet  website  that  provides  free,  accessible,  and  easy-to-use  educational  content  for  secondary  school  students  in  Nigeria  –  on  how  technology  innovations  can  be  successfully  used  to  provide  access  to  high  quality  education  to  students  across  Africa,  especially  the  educationally  under-served.  Beyond  talk,  she  will  proceed  to  show  “how  numbers  support  such assertions,  based  on  metrics  from  four  years  of  continuous  operation.” with itself owning its space as one of the most prominent and reliable online education destinations on the Continent.

Such  is  the  objective  of  the  conference, which  remains  the  largest  gathering  of  e-learning  and  ICT-supported  education  professionals  in  Africa,  and  aims  to  facilitate  networking  between  practitioners  and  professionals.

In  this  vein,  the  conference  will  host  other  keynote  speakers  drawn from across  Africa,  and  with  varied  strengths  and  experiences.  Included,  though  not  limited  to  this  list  are  Foster Ofosu, Knowledge and Capacity Development Specialist at the African Development Bank, Toby Shapshak,  from  South  Africa,  who  has  written  and  spoken  on  media  platforms  like  CNN,  Forbes  and  SXSW, H.E. Yasser Elkady, the  Egyptian  Minister  of Communications  and  Information Technology and  HE Elham Mahmood Ahmed Ibrahim, the African Union Commissioner for Energy and Infrastructure.

Following  the  report  from  last  year’s  conference,  which  showed  how  participants  were  helped  to  map  the  pace  of  change  in  technology  use  on  the  continent,  and  how  their  unique  contributions  can  accelerate  that  upward  momentum;  this  year’s  conference,  aptly  themed  “Making  Visions  Reality” seeks  to  do  much  more.

By  bringing  together  decision  makers  and  practitioners  from  across  the  education,  business  and  public  sectors,  it  plans  to  arrive  at  resolutions  that  will  help  make  participants  take  action  on  all  the  themes  of  the  conference  within  their  respective  spheres  of  influence,  while  also  acting  as  evangelists  of  change.

And  in  reaching  out  to  Nigeria’s  youth  in  this  way –  through  access  to  education  and  empowerment  driven  by  innovative  technology –  Toyosi  desires  to  see  “how  like  a  stone  dropped  into  a  placid  lake,  the  ripples  of  change  will  spread.”


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