(Harvard Business Review)

How can you get any work done when you’re in meetings all day? You can’t. But instead of griping, be more discerning about which meetings you got to. Before saying yes to invitation, ask yourself, “If I was sick on the day of this meeting, would it need to be rescheduled?” If you answer “no,” then decline the meeting and try one of these less time-intensive alternatives:

  • Get an agenda. Ask to look at the agenda ahead of time so you can pass on your comments to the meeting organizer to share on your behalf. (Bonus: This may force him to make an agenda!)

  • Delegate. Send someone else from your group to communicate your team’s perspective.

  • Ask for notes. If someone is going to share important information but you’d just be listening, request a copy of the meeting notes after the fact.

Adapted from “Break Your Addiction to Meetings” by Elizabeth Grace Saunders.

(Source: Harvard Business Review) 

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