The Rise AI Lab

About The Rise AI Lab

The Rise Labs is a Learning, Research and Work Readiness Centre powered by Emerging Technologies and Disruptive Innovation such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Internet of Things & Data Analytics. We’re knowledge focused, research and development driven and we teach and create courses in technical skills relevant for the Future of Work and we create and deliver data driven project/product models for private and public sector organizations and institutions for the good and growth of society. We also host Ideathons, Hackathons, Events and partner across Industries on result-oriented projects of mutual benefit that align with our core values and principles. We also serve as a Talent Pipeline that leverages emerging technologies and to improve the skills set of young professionals for industry fitness in this digital world of work. We’re leveraging Tech to improve education and build progressive Careers and a first-rate National Workforce capable of driving Growth for Companies and Countries. The Rise Labs is an innovation driven space dedicated to solving some of the everyday problems facing young people in Africa with unemployment & its attendant employability skills gap being our major priority. We are targeting undergraduates, Youth Corpers, Unemployed young Graduates, the junior employees and management executives of SMEs, mid-level firms and large corporations. The Rise Labs will equip this population with the capacity to compensate Employers/Organizations with not just the employee’s exceptional capabilities but also with the skills required to be effective at work and this has been particularly appealing to many Organizations. The Rise Labs embodies a sustained social impact construct and the key to our success is providing quality work readiness, skill development and job placement related services with the use of modern technologies by a close knit team of high performing, visionary and committed individuals. Given that 63 Million Jobs will be created by Artificial Intelligence, IoT and related tech by the year 2025 according to the World Economic Forum, our mission is to enhance the skills of young people in various industries in order to prepare them for the Jobs of the future, increase their competitiveness and help them launch and maintain successful careers. We will change the Career Advisory and Coaching, Training, Job Placements and Performance Management Space locally and within Africa as it has ever been known in Nigeria and Africa.

We designed and built Ise the Job Bot, a smart edtech/eLearning driven chatbot as a Work Readiness/Career Coaching Chatbot and it is the first of its kind in Africa. It provides answers to an array of inquiries made from it by users on various aspects of Career Growth, Job Search and Work Readiness. The Chat Bot is integrated into our website and adopts Facebook Messenger as its platform to engage its users in conversations who are mainly undergraduates, Nigeria Youth Corpers, unemployed/underemployed Graduates and working professionals. Ise leverages AI/Machine Learning methodologies of Natural Language Processing/Natural Language Understanding of Deep Learning and Algorithms from queries received and data fed to it by humans (users) to help them search for Jobs, inform them about new & open job opportunities and coaches them for interviews. It was developed under strict supervision and it’s adherent to international best practice. Its Beta testing Phase has proved that the bot can handle several complex conversations, its Confidence Level, Cross-Validation and Precision Scoring are satisfactory.