Rise Networks

The Rise Networks 2021 Course Outline

2021 Course Outline

Have you been considering how to launch your data science career but haven’t made the first move or are unsure about how to start? You are in a situation that’s not so different from those of many people. Designed and Delivered by a World Class Faculty of Instructors, we combine a mix of Physical Classes and online Assessments via our Learning Management System after which we create customized profiles for our Students based on their learning abilities, professional interests, career choices and course content assimilation and capacity for implementation of and application to real life projects for their employer organizations. We also receive a number of hiring enquiries from organizations and reach out to them as well on their data centred problems to ensure that our Course Content and Instructional Materials are practical and applicable to existing, relevant and practical real life issues within their Institutions. Based on our different classes [only with the exception of our One Day Foundation Program for Beginners], our students get real life use cases to work on Projects at the end of every week and a major capstone project at the end of their entire Program before they are able to receive their Certification from us.

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