FAST FACT: A large number of Nigeria’s current Political Leaders in Nigeria have antecedents of Student Politics in their School days.

We recognize the place of preparation and performance in institutionalizing Excellence in Public Service and Governance hence the Pilot Phase was organised to kick start the process of training and accountability for their possible successors.

RISE NETWORKS with the support of FORD FOUNDATION launched the first Bootcamp in December 2016 which tons of applications were received from change driven, impact oriented Student-Leaders from across Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria.

Introduction/Background Information

We understand that the development of the Nigerian Youth has for a long time been impeded by severe poverty, sub-standard education, destructive role modeling, high unemployment rate, ageism, and other limitations that leave young people struggling for survival. Youths are seen as incompetent and inexperienced, serving more as contributors to Nigeria’s socio-political and economic challenges, as opposed to their being a part of the solution.

To this end, there is a need to provide proactive support for these ones to ensure they engage actively and credibly in the process without giving in to cheap tokenism, exploitation and manipulation by the political elite.

It is in this light that the Nigerian Students Leaders Program [NSLP] was created as a rallying point for 20 outstanding student Leaders to receive Training and requisite skill and value based instruction with the hope of advancing sustainable Youth Leadership in Nigeria. It will also form a catalyst for repositioning youths for greater involvement in entrenching a culture of accountability, probity and sustainability in the political system and among public office holders.

Objective: To identify and equip promising Student Leaders of good character in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions with the potential for future public service with requisite Leadership skills rooted in Ethical and Effective Representation and to promote robust youth participation in Nigeria’s political system. Our long-term goal is to create a platform for the development of a new breed of visionary and accountable leaders who will act as change champions and exemplary democrats in Nigeria by providing civic and political education for students in Nigerian tertiary institutions, even as they are supported to play leadership roles in their communities. We hope to improve the political consciousness of youths representing the largest part of Nigeria’s population and mobilize their talents and energies to promote participatory democracy in Nigeria.

Project Methodology

This project is designed to be a fully paid, intensive, week-long, knowledge-based boot camp that will provide trainings by reputable thought leaders in the social, private and public sectors through interactive learning experiences and cased based practical teaching that highlight the leadership challenges of Nigeria and the possible solutions that a new generation can institutionalize in the long run.

Content will cover a broad range of Public Administration, Policy and Political Perspectives.

Some of the topics to consider include:

  1. Analyzing the Significance of the Roles of the 3 Arms of Government
  2. Negotiation Strategies, Policy Making and Mobilizing for Change
  3. The Political History of Nigeria and Leaders who changed the World
  4. Creative Communication and Citizen Engagement in Public Service
  5. Lessons in Ethics, Public Narrative and Adaptive Leadership

The sessions will also involve a reflection on how they can put the knowledge acquired to good use in filling leadership roles in their respective institutions of learning before graduation.

After successfully going through this boot camp, participants will be placed on a one month internship program during their next holiday so they can get first hand, practical, on-the-field experience of best practice in public leadership

Key Players/partners and Beneficiaries

  1. Rise Networks
  2.  Ford Foundation
  3.  Student Union Governments in Tertiary Institutions
  4.  Administrative Heads of Tertiary Institutions
  5.  The Media – within and outside University Campuses

FRAMEWORK: A total of 20 high impact Student Leaders will be selected from across Nigerian Tertiary Institutions and we will cover the full costs of Feeding thrice a day, Hotel Accommodation and Return Travel for all selected Fellows who will also receive Certificates of Honor upon completion of the entire Training Exercise.

ELIGIBILITY: If you’re part of the leadership of your School’s Students’ Union Government, Faculty Executive Council, Departmental Association’s Executive Council and Hall of Residence Executive Council, then you definitely qualify for this Program. Both male and female are welcome and we strongly recommend that Female Student Leaders should apply.

HOW TO APPLY: Applications for the 2017 edition will be available shortly.