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The Rise Labs’ Specialized training are competence-specific, short-focused solution centered classes designed to deliver out of the box knowledge, tools and frameworks to raise the quality of work, value and service delivery of employees and executives to their Employers and to also bring them up to speed with emerging trends required to make them compliant with the future of work.



Our in-house Trainings are bespoke and specialist, designed for organizations upon their formal request to equip Participants with the capacity to compensate Employers/Organizations with not just the employee’s exceptional capabilities but also with the technical and digital skills required to be effective at work and derive fulfillment on their Jobs.

Organizations seeking to raise the bar in terms of the dynamic core competencies, professional skills and behavioral patterns within their teams and departments with the ultimate goal of transforming and building an agile workforce that epitomize best practices and meets the global standards. Our algorithmic people management frameworks which requires the use of personal data and body language is ground breaking. Imagine a Candidate in our Simulation Lab being interviewed and probed with Cameras and lights with the aim of understanding the person’s nuances and biases or the presence of tension or fear that may impede the person’s success in traditional interviews.

We seek to understand those personality challenges because cameras can study and communicate body languages, patterns and movements. We have done an audit of the skills gap and skills mismatch in the Nigerian Economy and we’re in the Research & Data Collection Phase of building algorithms around artificial intelligence related to personality assessments and job profiles. We have an employability index scoring system that rates Individuals based on their performances during our Pre-Interview Coaching and Simulations.

There are some social, relational, technical & engagement skills that are critical for different roles and our employability definitions are built and calibrated as a measure of standard. The Rise Labs is modified for purpose and experiential in nature as it embodies a Simulation/Skills Evaluation Studio, an Event Space for periodic meet-ups, a Meeting Room & a Coffee Bar. We are scientifically identifying the gaps in Nigeria’s Tertiary Institutions’ linear learning because the real business world does not survive on procedural instruction-based learning. Organizations will spend less with us and save time on getting fitting candidates to fill vacancies. Job seekers identify our innovation and artificial intelligence methodology as a clear discrepancy between us and the establishment recruiters. The customization, personalization, atmospheric evaluation tools and skillsets upgrade are provided like a community.

We are a brilliant and dedicated team of young people with curious minds who are leading this revolution in Africa, the world’s new frontier/market for Technology with Nigeria leading the way on many levels and we will fully disrupt and transform Africa’s Recruitment and Talent Development Space. We take Data Privacy and Data Protection seriously and only the owner of information provided to us has authority to decide the purpose for which we use the data we collect for.


Introduction to Data Science for Beginners

The idea of this course is to introduce the core concept and applications of data science and artificial intelligence to beginners

Saturday 16th Jan 2021

Intense Data Science and Data Visualization with Seaborn & Matplotlib

We will learn the practical approach and the theory of creating data visualizations that are compelling, accurate, tell a story and provide answers to your business question using business policies

Thursday Jan 21st to Saturday Jan 23rd 2021

Introduction to Data Structure and Algorithm using Python Programming Language

The scope of this course is to give the basics of data structures and algorithms to software engineers or developers seeking professions in a tech field in preparation for employment interviews

Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th February 2021

Business/Data Analytics Training

This course involves interpreting of data, analyzing results using statistical techniques, developing and implementing data analyses, data collection systems and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality.

Friday 19th, 20th 26th & 27th 2021


Our Courses

Practical instruction and hands-on training

In this data science and data visualization course, we’ll be considering some machine learning visualization libraries like Seaborn and Matplotlib. We will learn the practical approach and the theory of creating data visualizations that are compelling, accurate, tell a story and provide answers to your business question using business policies! Most especially, the people in the Fintech and commercial field, you will really need the knowledge of the visualization tools because it’s what matters to the organization managements. They really want to see your designs(visualization) during presentation or review not your codes(technicality)

Wednesday Jan 20th to Saturday Jan 23rd 2021

Participant Fee: N25,000

In this course, we will explore different topics on data visualization with Microsoft Power BI and Tableau that impact decision making as a whole, and affect the implementation of data-driven business policies in companies like banks, fintech, telecoms etc.

28th to 30th January, 2021

Participant Fee: N35,000

The scope of this course is to give the basics of data structures and algorithms to software engineers or developers seeking professions in a tech field in preparation for employment interviews for positions in top companies like (Google, Microsoft, Palantir, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) using Python programming language and also teaching and giving all details needed to get the offer of that dream job

Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th February 2021

Participant Fee: N35,000

This course involves interpreting of data, analyzing results using statistical techniques, developing and implementing data analyses, data collection systems and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality. Acquiring data from primary or secondary data sources and maintaining databases. It also introduces the specific set of techniques, competencies and procedures that are applied to perform the continuous exploration, iteration, and investigation of past and current business data like churn prediction, recommendation system etc. for Commercial Banks, Fintech, Telecommunication and Insurance                                                                                                           for the purposes of obtaining insights about a business that can lead to improved decision-making using SQL / Microsoft Excel  / Python programming language

Participant Fee: N30,000

Friday 19th, 20th 26th & 27th   February, 2021

For this intensive class, participants will learn the concept of python or R programming language and the various workflows like data wrangling and exploratory data analysis. Participants will be trained on how to apply the concept of python or R programming knowledge in solving business data problems.

Participant Fee: N15,000

This course is a comprehensive introduction to SQL databases, it’s one of the most highly in demand skills in the business area today.

Participant Fee: N15,000

This course will explain how to use Database, Spreadsheet and how to build web software to meet the needs of your business

Participant Fee: N25,000

This course will help telecommunication providers use their wealth of data to inform their decisions. That is, when extensive data is presented so cleanly, customer trends also become easier to grasp, such as comparing services outages on a particular day by customer segment or devices

Participant Fee: N35,000

This course will teach the working professionals how they can leverage the power of data analytics tool as python in deriving insights from their companies’ data.     

Participant Fee: N35,000

Friday 12th, 13th, 19th & 20th March, 2021

This is an introductory class to python or R Programming language; it will give an idea or flow of the programming language that will be taught.

Participant Fee: N35,000

April 8th, 9th & 10th 2021

This course will cover the major techniques for mining and analyzing social media data to discover interesting patterns, extract useful knowledge, and support decision making. This course will also make companies realized the importance of “big data” in creating a sustainable competitive advantage, and user-generated content (UGC) represents one of big data’s most important sources. From blogs to social media and online reviews, consumers generate a huge amount of brand-related information that has a decisive potential business value for marketing purposes. Particularly, for on online reviews that could have an influence on brand image and positioning.

May 15th & 22nd 2021

Participant Fee: N20,000

This course will provide hands on introduction to designing and building data pipelines. In this course the fundamentals on how to design data processing systems, building end-to-end data pipelines, analyze data and derive insights will be learnt.

May 28th & 29th 2021

Participant Fee: N80,000

This course will introduce participants to the exciting field of RPA. The workflow used in intelligent automation, steps for implementing RPA in the industry and case studies that will provide the best practices for innovative and it will also show how enterprise, through use cases, how robotic process automation can be utilized to decrease errors and increase productivity.

16th & 17th July 2021

Participant Fee: N50,000

This course will provide you with the tools you need to become an innovative thinker and uncover creative opportunities.

31st July 2021

Participant Fee: N50,000

Digital transformation is a hot topic-but what exactly is it and what does it mean for corporate organization? In this course, we will answer these questions.

13th & 14th August 2021

Participant Fee: N80,000

This course will focus on the application of machine learning in business applying some machine learning algorithms

27th & 28th August 2021

Participant Fee: N45,000

In this course the intuitive approach of building complex models that help machines to solve real-world problems with human-like intelligence will be learnt

8th, 9th, 10th & 11th December, 2021

Participant Fee: N45,000


This course will leverage on the important of data science in the respective specializations. This course will be of a benefit to professions like banking and fintech industries in the aspect of credit rating and credit scoring related work for example, companies like FICO (FICO is an abbreviation for the Fair Isaac Corporation, the first company to offer a credit-risk model with a score) rely on data science and machine learning to provide instant data on borrowers. For example, they use logistic regression to predict the risk of customers and separate good borrowers from bad ones and likewise, customers that are liable to default in loan and those that bare not.

For Insurance company, with this course, the insurers can use data to determine events, information, or other factors that could affect the outcome of claims and it can also allow insurers to analyze their claims processes based on historical data and make informed decisions to enhance efficiency.

April 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2021  

Participant Fee: N80,000

This course will help to streamline the essential gas and oil operations like delivery, production, drilling, explorations, in all three sectors, downstream, midstream, and upstream and it will also explain how they can leverage the power of Data Analytics tools as python in deriving insights from their companies’ data. This course will also help the oil and gas industry in the exploration and discovery Seismic data and geological data, such as rock types in nearby wells, can be used to predict oil pockets. Production accounting and production data can be linked with alarms.

May 15th & 22nd 2021

Participant Fee: N45,000

This course is designed to help accounting professionals develop an analytical mindset and prepare them to use power of data analytics tool as python in deriving insights from their companies’ data. It can also help accounting businesses uncover valuable insights within their financials and identify process improvements that can increase efficiency, and better manage risk and also tax accountants can use data science to analyze complex taxation questions related to investment scenarios.

4th & 5th June 2021

Participant Fee: N40,000

This course will introduce the students to the theory, concepts, and business application of human resources research, data, metrics, systems, analysis, and reporting. Data science can help in human resource in terms of

  1. Operational reporting: This level involves developing dashboards and reports, presenting the measurement of efficiency and compliance. 
  2. Advanced reporting: Knowing where you can go deeper into details. Further filtering, analysis and processing the data allows building a multi-dimensional dashboard presenting data for each separate employee.
  3. Advanced analytics: This level concerns segmentation, statistical analysis, and models’ development. At this level, specific steps to solve the problem are defined
  4. Recruitment Process: Data science in recruitment can be of help in improving talent acquisition process, employee assessment and recruitment.

9th & 10th July 2021

Participant Fee: N80,000

This course introduces the participants to the theory, concepts and public sector and government applications of data through metrics, modelling analyses and reporting.

18th & 25th September 2021

Participant Fee: N45,000

Microsoft Access is a Database Management System offered by Microsoft. This course will enable you to link to data in its existing location and use it for viewing, updating, querying, and reporting. In this course, you will get the indebt of the four main database objects namely: Tables, Queries, Forms, and Reports which will help in storing information for reference, reporting, and analysis and also, this course will explain how to analyze large amounts of information, and manage related data more efficiently than another spreadsheet application

Participant Fee: N30,000

This course will provide a practical approach to learning and applying data science concepts and tools in the marketing industry. It comes with complete hands-on project support and full concentration for participants to ensure high ROI during the training process

October 15th & 16th              

Participant Fee: N45,000

In this training, we will explore different topics on Data Visualization and building of dashboards with Microsoft Power BI / Tableau BI tools that allow visualizing the financial activity of the user in the digital bank ecosystem, where the user’s financial behavior insights assist with building product strategy for fintech organizations.

12th & 13th November, 2021

Participant Fee: N35,000


  • Introduction and Application of Data Science for Working Class Professionals – N50,000
  • Private Customized Data Science Coaching with a dedicated instructor at The Rise Labs – N100,000
  • Data Science for Public Sector and Government: Gathering and analytics of public policy data for strategic decision making
  • Data Science for People Analytics in Human Resource Operations – N80,000

A Non-technical Data Science and Analytics for Managers and Executive Directors

Rise Networks AI Business School Certification (Coming Soon)

Participant Fee: Will be communicated

Data Science/Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Courses



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