Transformation Agenda Marking Scheme: My Student In President Goodluck Jonathan

(By Odusote Oluwakayode)

The president has forgotten easily that the set of mediocre being paraded as aides will not confront him with the truth about his performance. They will not be the one to put him on a challenging “Marking Scheme” designed to measure his performance. They will only say what is suitable for the President’s ears just to protect their respective capacities. Some may however be truthful but from the reality and show of arrogance, it is believed they are birds of a feather.

It was the president that requested for a marking scheme and the premise is for us to score his administrative performance as the president of Nigeria. The May 29th 2013 Democracy day which was tagged “Mid-Term report” was believed to be an opportunity for the president to prove his acclaimed achievements to convince the majority of doubting Thomas whose perceived negative assessment of the government has been termed “unfair”.

When the boys in government covering up for the president most time come up with such term demanding pity, it makes one pause a bit to think if government is now engraved with such emotions that the occupier of a political office is expected to be pampered while failing to deliver on promises made. Infact, some have made the emotion so worse that they have made God a politician. Such is the government of the present occupier of the highest political office in Nigeria.

The International Conference Centre was the venue for the usual show of fun fair. A mid-term report expected as details of performance, became avenue to boasts and rants from the president and his gladiators. President Goodluck Jonathan knows that his administration is not inspiring a nation in grief due to lack of abundant sufficiency to take him serious in delivering the much acclaimed “Transformation Agenda”.

Nigerians were most embroiled in the emotional issues of a vilified Vice President that they forgot to task the then contestant on the reality of his agenda. Nigerians were carried away with the pitiable claim of “I had no shoes and I have no enemies to fight” to question the idea behind the slogan of “Fresh Air”. At least the late President Umaru Musa Ya’adua made his “Seven Points Agenda” known. If Goodluck Jonathan believed in the idea of his former boss, he would have been glad to continue with such agenda. This brings to point the importance of having a team with shared ideology and belief in the course of governing the governed.

The president more than his cabinet should know that the electorates placed a faith in a positive performance trusting he had gotten adequate knowledge from being humiliated by the then “cabal” to understand the sufferings of most Nigerians in the hands of drunk leaders. He has virtually disappointed many with his inability to convincingly deliver. The high point of his success which is believed to have been well planned is the recruitment of mouth pieces staged to combat the adversaries and designed to beautify raw lies.

The president has forgotten easily that the set of mediocre being paraded as aides will not confront him with the truth about his performance. They will not be the one to put him on a challenging “Marking Scheme” designed to measure his performance. They will only say what is suitable for the President’s ears just to protect their respective capacities. Some may however be truthful but from the reality and show of arrogance, it is believed they are birds of a feather.

As requested, we must give a marking scheme. The president as my student should not give himself a criteria to be assessed, as the teacher, I have a marking scheme as well as most Nigerians does.

The President must understand that for employment to be generated, all facet of the economy must work. What are the benefits of a booming economy without the expected relative positive impact on the huge poor populace?

The Okonjo Iweala led economic team will always give testimony that there has been improvement in economic indices since October 2011, the signing into law of the Nigerian oil and gas industry development bill which has increased local content in the oil and gas sector. A Sovereign Wealth Fund, the YouWIN programme that has produced 1,200 successful entrepreneurs with a total of 15,000 work forces. A rising foreign exchange reserve, awards from numerous international agencies professing a stable economy, mobile sets to farmers, securing investment commitments worth trillions of naira, a record growing GDP amongst many other proclaimed economic growth.

A reasonable nation would appreciate economic growth but what is the pride in a growth without the necessary development?

The power sector is likely the most important when it comes to assessing the present administration, the nation is battling hard to survive darkness; unfortunately, we have had governments without a solution to the menace the lack of electricity has caused.

The current administration is not different. This takes us to the boast on securing investment commitments. A nation can never experience increasing investment when 50% of a company’s profit is spent on servicing a generating plant. When a company is spending much on generating electricity, how much investment will go into labor? Such companies would also be at the mercy of government levies. These are germane issues of concern that the administration must tackle with seriousness. We can’t be fed lies about an increase in electrical supply that is only being witnessed in the presidential villa.

Employment is another area of serious concern. The statistics of unemployment is on the rise and millions of Nigerians are painfully managing a life without the means of gainful employment. The unfortunate result has been idle minds willing and sometimes forced into criminal acts and wayward activities. The rise in the wave of kidnapping, insurgency, militancy, robbery, assassination and theft may be adduced to the level of the unemployed seeking a means of survival at all cost.

Nigerians are not blind to the issues of security in the country. Nations across the world have security challenges and measures are always put in place to curb its menace. In our own case, our leaders sometimes create the problems. Claims that the militancy in the Niger Delta region and the Boko Haram menace started with the politicians is relevant. Most of the pardoned Niger Delta militants have become celebrities of some sort with questionable sources of wealth.

The massive manipulation of the Judiciary is a glaring example of the administration’s lies about an independent arm of government. The Justice Isa Ayo Salami case will for a long time hunt the government of President Jonathan regarding the respect for rule of law. He has no justifiable excuse why the order of the NJC reinstating the PCA has not been carried out. The whole nation is of course silent at the flagrant abuse of a transparent order.

The nation through “Occupy Nigeria” (during the moments a “cabal” occupied Aso Villa) demanded the restoration to constitutionality, where the Vice President will assume his rights. The various agitations then were not for Goodluck Jonathan, but a period to call a nation to orderliness through peaceful assembly. Such assembly was forced out of a protest organized peacefully to question the removal of fuel subsidy in January, 2012.

This abuse is not only limited to the rule of law, democratic principles have also been messed up by the acclaimed democrat. The recent association with and endorsement of the Jonah Jang led faction of the Nigeria Governor’s forum saddens the heart. There is no way the presidency would deny involvement in the whole saga. The victory of Gov. Amaechi hit the president so hard that he missed a chance to address the congress of the African Union on the celebration of 50 years of its founding. Till now, the acclaimed government of the people has not given a wise reason or an apology for the president’s sudden disappearance.

There are many short comings in assessing the present administration. Against the boast of economic growth, the administration should be sober and reflect on the Nation’s Health Care system, Poor budgetary allocation to Education, lack of basic amenities and fight against corruption. Most Nigerian homes don’t have access to tap water, it is even strange to the ear. Nigerians are more attached to digging wells and bore holes to sort the unavailability of what the government is supposed to provide.

Keen observers would understand that the present administration deserve some commendations, it is not expected however that the same administration would claim more glory than it deserve. There is serious work to be done and instead of ranting to convince the governed on achievements made, the administration should focus on its mandate and deliver appropriately.

As a teacher to the President, I believe the Goodluck Jonathan administration has performed below average. He has the remaining two years of his tenure to prove himself and redeem his dwindling image.

(Source: Abusidiqu)

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  • June 4, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    I think some Nigerians are not been fair to the present administration of President Jonathan.

  • July 23, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    Wow, this post is good, my sister is analyzing these kinds of things, therefore I am
    going to let know her.


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