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Iconic entrepreneurs have a clear and dominant vision about their business and they want the world to know that they have to have the confidence to go out and transform the world,” says Devonish. “Stop being a legend in your front room. Take your ideas out of the air, stop the rhetoric and make goals that will catapult your business to the next level.

MARILYN DEVONISH is a practitioner and trainer in the field of Personal Development and has worked with entrepreneurs across a number of sectors for more than a decade.

“Business owners must have a clear idea and vision of what they are selling,” explains Devonish. “We are operating in a vast and fast market place. When you meet a prospect, you must pitch the benefits and results of your product and service in a few elegant sentences and creatively match you’re offering to their requirement or you will miss the sale.”

Marilyn believes many business owners are operating on a day to day basis because they are fearful of the economic landscape they have found themselves in. Social media gives them the impression that they have a larger market to trade in, but Marilyn believes they should stick to marketing basics where you find the niche that matches your long term vision. That way if you have identified your niche, the goals of the business owner should focus on creating a reputation of being the leader or authority in that sector.

“As a reputable executive coach and change management consultant with a strong background in local and central government, whenever work comes up I become the obvious choice when they are looking to procure services,” explains Devonish. “That why it’s important to find your niche; know that market and build your track record in your market. Before you know it, you will find work comes to you!”


Marilyn goes on to explain the importance of implementing processes and management systems in the business in order to deliver in a way that gives amazing service to the customer.

“With all the businesses that I look at that are successful they all have some kind of system and process in place,” says Marilyn. “It may sound simple but they automate their processes. Take Amazon who started off in a garage. As the company grew, there came a time there had to be some system in place for things to work smoothly and with fluidity. You cannot hold everything in your head and that’s why you need systems and processes that will help you to keep track of all parts of your business.”

Marilyn believes if you have the energy, spirit and dynamism to be an entrepreneur you tend not to fall into the category who likes to do processes and systems. “I love transforming minds and creating products so putting systems in place is a constant struggle,” she continues. “As your business grows you can create partnerships with people who can implement and maintain these processes and systems, while you offer the creative input, but it comes with a caveat.”

Even with the best business idea, processes and systems in your business Marilyn advises that if you do not have the courage and confidence to bring your products and services into the world then your business (and profits) will suffer.

“Iconic entrepreneurs have a clear and dominant vision about their business and they want the world to know that they have to have the confidence to go out and transform the world,” says Devonish. “Stop being a legend in your front room. Take your ideas out of the air, stop the rhetoric and make goals that will catapult your business to the next level.”


Suzy Lambo, the founder of One Residential & Land and Eight 8 Lettings which provides landlords with a hassle free renting service agrees with the idea that successful businesses are built on strong systems. “Lettings is a business that has suffered from a negative reputation and unhelpful myths over the years,” she says. “We have ensured that we have implemented seamless systems and processes in the business because we are always looking for ways to keep our customers satisfied, buying our services and increasing the value they get from our service.”

Suzy believes the key to successful customer service lies in having processes in your business that allows you to follow through from recruitment, maintenance and exit. She acknowledges that as the agent, landlords complain about the lack of follow through when dealing with the issues and problems that occur with tenants.

“We always look for ways to go that extra mile and bring improvement to our customers. We are about providing an excellent service so we have happy landlords and tenants who become evangelists about our service,” says Lambo.

“It’s all about speed and dependability in our business. We have to be flexible and go the extra mile especially in an emergency,” continues Suzy. “You cannot focus on doing the things you like. Landlords need to know that you can deal with problems to minimise void because this hits their bottom line. We ensure that we identify the correct target market for your property so we can find the best tenant because no one wants a problem tenant in their property.”

Suzy credits her business success to the fact that she understands what landlords are going through and what they need. In addition to private landlords, she works with a number of local authorities to source properties (on their behalf) to offer to their clients.

“Depending on where the property is we make sure that the tenants are suitable for that property to minimise void,” says Lambo. “Our void rate is very, very low because of our reputation and business practices. This is because I understand what it is to be a landlord and therefore what service is required and best practice looks like.”

Suzy is adamant as a business owner, that in the face of difficulties and obstacles, you must offer a service based on integrity and trust if you want to survive in the long run. This insistence on quality has enabled her company to build and maintain valuable relationships with landlords, suppliers and tenants which is reflected on the bottom line and their success.

“Do not compromise your integrity in business because your reputation is based on trust and if your customers feel that you are compromising the value of your service and transactions, they will go to your competitors,” advises Suzy.

“We get a lot of business through referrals because our landlords have full confidence and trust in the service we provide. We base our reputation on integrity and that is demonstrated with open and transparent communication processes with our suppliers and builders which means we source the best price for the landlord. We are not about cutting corners or bumping up prices because the landlord wants to see a profit as well.”

She continues: “We are part of a number of industry associations and forums because we want to be knowledgeable and at the cutting edge of the lettings sector.

“If you want to achieve greater success in your business focus on your highest value activities and ensure that your clients know that you are the only person who can provide a valuable solution to their problem with your product and service. By continually focusing on your highest value tasks you will see a significant difference in your business,” Suzy says.

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