Adewale Yusuf is a visual storyteller with a strong interest in Technology and humanity ecosystem. He is the Founder and CEO of an African leading Technology media platform is a leading media platform dedicated to startups, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology in Africa.

Adewale’s dream, started in late 2014 when he came back to the media space after six years of blogging. He says “I came back one day and thought, ‘what’s happening in the tech world? I discovered, ‘nothing!’ Nobody is saying anything, nobody is talking to anybody, I mean, we only had some group of people just talking about themselves, and it can’t work like that.”

When asked the major challenges he experienced when starting Techpoint, He said “Funding has been a problem for everybody. It is a global problem. We got some little money from friends and family. We have been generating revenue organically. However, money is not our motivation; it’s about building something sustainable. Now people wake up every morning and they read Techpoint.

His dream is for techpoint to be the one-stop shop for anything ‘tech’ in Africa, not just Nigeria alone. He says, “I want it to be that if you mention technology and you don’t mention techpoint then there’s something wrong.”

The uniqueness about Techpoint, under Adewale is the fusion of photography in their reporting because of his love of photography.

In Adewale’s advice to young start-ups, He says, “People have to focus, they have to forget that there’s one 30 billion Naira somewhere, they need to focus on the N1 they can get from the customer. The best money is the customer’s money, not an investor’s money. They need to focus on the work because it is hard work. The little they contribute would pay off someday and they solve a genuine problem. Be passionate about it, don’t just do it for the money.

Adewale’s contributions to technology and entrepreneurship in Africa is an inspiration as he is our Youth of the Week!