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RISE NETWORKS Youth of the Week is Editi Effiong, Managing Director at Anakle Limited, a media marketing and services development company that builds experiences for online and offline audiences.”

He is also the founder of Anakle Labs, an investment company and incubator for technology businesses.

Editi’s rise to fame and success is an inspiring story that proves you do not need millions or even connections and friends in high places to achieve your dream; all you need is the willpower and determination.

His story is similar to many young Nigerians who didn’t have the privilege of owning computers in their homes. After a long time learning how to operate computers from a close friends place and eventually teaching them how to use it, he began building websites at age 18 when his mother bought a desktop computer from which he learnt how to design using MS Paint and Powerpoint. He admits that it was FrontPage (a Microsoft tool) that actually transformed his life.

Editi recounted his story to TechCabal, how at the age of 18, he made a decision that changed his life for good.  He and his friends were waiting for another friend with whom they were planning to go on a boys hangout, when the friend arrived late and explained why he got there late, his explanation was all Editi needed to hear to make a life changing decision. The friend explained to them that he was building his website and since Editi had always wanted to learn how websites were built, life just presented him an opportunity in the person of his friend who was already doing so. He immediately took advantage of that to pick his friends brain on how it’s being done and afterwards, proceeded to try it out himself.

Within a short time, he created his own website, a business and advertising web development site, without the slightest knowledge of coding. In the space of a week, Editi got his first client who paid N8, 000 for a new website he built with the free available resources online, money he later spent on sneakers and a month later, he got another contract from the same client who paid N12, 500 for another website. He was on top of the world.

This triumph was followed up with a 9-page proposal and creatively designed and printed business cards on cardboard paper cut neatly with scissors, detailing the importance of websites and how his company, now public and no more private, can help businesses get their websites off the ground. He sent this document to some companies and in just a few weeks, got his first call from a hotel in Calabar that needed his services. Before meeting the MD, he planned to charge N75, 000 for the job but on getting there, he realized he could actually ask for more and left there with a N300, 000 deal. He executed this job with no coding knowledge or experience but with MS FrontPage, Editi produced a demo, and then went on to learn HTML.

Rise Networks is honoring Editi Effiong as our Youth of the Week because we find his story inspiring, a story that teaches young people to be creative and innovative with what they have, is exactly what Editi provides for us. Anakle is a typical zero to hero story, a man that created a business empire from nothing to something, with just his childhood passion and curiosity; he was able to start a business. This is why we are celebrating him this week.

Editi has been giving back to the society since he fully started Anakle in November 2010 after working as a country manager for XEQ Technology and project manager for Thompson & Grace Group. Today, his firm has delivered services to First Bank, Access Bank, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, British Council, Interswitch, Airtel, UBA and Glo, among others.

Anakle is popular for creating viral campaigns on social media, chief of which is the Brideprice App of 2014, the Call Your Mum App of 2015, and its Things Come Together ad for Wikipedia in 2017.

Editi has been featured on CNN, BBC, and CNBC and only recently built a computer lab for the primary school he attended in the 90s. He organises training through Anakle, that focuses on digital marketing, user experience design, photography, and digital marketing advice for SMEs and other interested entrepreneurs and business owners on the blog.

Follow Editi on twitter and instagram @EditiEffiong and @editieffiong