Evans Ufeli had his formative years at the Airforce Base, Port- Harcourt, Kaduna, and Lagos before he discovered Etua – his hometown in Delta State, Nigeria. He studied at the University of Jos, the Lagos State University, The Nigeria Law School and at the Writers’ Bureau, Manchester England.

He is an attorney -at- Law and a writer with a strong craving for a better society. His recent work is the Gathering of tribes; which is his second work of fiction. It was published this year by Winepress Publishing, an imprint of Noirledge Limited, Ibadan and has 11 chapters, 142 pages, with praises from various critics, including a winner of the Nigeria Prize for Literature.


The Gathering of the Tribes as reviewed by OkadaBooks; Ike and his group of progressive patriots are on a mission to bring political reform to the town of Anieze. Their resolve to ensure that the common good and future of the community becomes the focal point of governance meets with vehement resistance from the political establishment. A fierce battle for supremacy, violence, and bloodletting ensues, enveloping Anieze. The story also explores the town’s rich cultural heritage and tells of nubile damsels swinging to the intoxicating beats of the Atilogwu drums at the Ukwata Festival. The Gathering of the Tribes is no doubt a beautiful and daringly provocative narrative that will wrap the reader in warmth, intrigue, and laughter.

He is the convener, Cadrell Advocacy Centre – a non-governmental organization that provides Legal support for indigent citizens. He is well renowned in his social causes and fights for justice, never shying away from taking on the cases of the under-represented and downtrodden.

In his speech on the Occasion of a Civil Walk Against Mob Killings and Domestic Violence in Nigeria on the 26th of November 2016 in Lagos State. He said that Nigeria is in dire need of reorientation of her citizens. There is a looming danger hovering around the future of this nation and we can’t afford to go to bed and watch our society degenerate into abuse of human lives, disrespect to the rule of law, intolerance to one another and the unwholesome practice of incivility and socio-economic decadence. His passion and drive towards the concept of change is the needed paradigm shit for a better Nigeria.

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Email Address:evanylaw@yahoo.com