Kader “Kad” Kaneye is a Nigerien (from the Republic of Niger) Social Entrepreneur and Change Leader who is passionate about empowering youths, women and fostering community development through entrepreneurship and startup ventures.

Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world, due to the fact that it is swamped with a lot of problems rooted in its economy and politics which, directly affects youths in the country and women in particular.

Kad saw beyond these problems to the potentials hidden within the beautiful people of Niger. He understood the power of education and its rippling effects in the country, primarily as a means to bridge critical gaps in the country.

The need to drive change in his home country made him see education as the way to effect the kind of change that he hoped for. He went ahead to set up the African Development University (ADU), a world-class university in Niger, with his co-founder, Meredith Segal, who was his classmates at the Harvard Kennedy School as member of the Master’s of Public Administration Class of 2017.

The primary aim of the university, as opposed to the traditional structure of most universities, was to use education to prepare the workforce of the country by equipping youths with skills, knowledge, leadership skills, critical thinking, ethics, and collaborative mindset necessary to design and drive the transformation of Niger. Interestingly, a larger percentage (about 70%) of the students enrolled in ADU are women.