Anoziva Marindire, an inspiring activist in Zimbabwe, is the Founder and Chief Editor for Paradoka, an all-female media initiative which primarily focused on using media to promote gender development in Zimbabwe. She also founded Girls Speak Out, an advocacy, coding and media training program for girls living in Zimbabwe. The initiative focuses on empowering young girls in under-served low income urban communities.

In 2015 Anoziva Marindire was listed on the Infinite Inspiration Group Top 40 Under 30 Emerging Zimbabwean Leaders and nominated for the Future Awards Africa Prize in Advocacy & Activism.

In 2014 and 2015, Anoziva Marindire was also selected to represent Zimbabwean youth at the African Union Youth Day Celebrations and Consultative Meetings, helping to draft the African Union 2015 and 2016 youth road-maps.

Anoziva is also driven by the passion to empower women in Zimbabwe through Power Classes 4 Women (PC4W) initiative which aims at commercially empowering women across the country.

The initiative has been helping women in Zimbabwe to kick off their startup business ideas that can improve the livelihoods of women in the country, and also spur more women to see that they can become more that just decorations in kitchen. And bring more women into the business would in Zimbabwe.