Gambia, a small country in west Africa, is rich with diverse cultures and history. This African country is also rich in numerous natural resources, enough to keep the over two point five million population in the country above the poverty level that has besieged the country for long.


Aware of the future effects of the poor educational system in the country, Salimatou Fatty created SaFE (Salimatou Foundation for Education) in 2015, which seeks to promote and ensure people have quality education and ensure every child gets enrolled in a school.


Salimatou has had her own share lack of access to education. Born into a polygamous family, with over twenty siblings who were catered for by their father before his sudden death, she and her eight other siblings (from the same mother) had to find ways to survive after the loss of their father.


Her mother, who is the heroine in Salimatou’s story, was solely responsible for training all her nine children and working as hard as she could to send them to school. Through her personal experience, she realized that she was just one out of the many children, especially girls, in Gambia who either couldn’t afford to go to school or have access to good schools.


This was the motivation behind her passion for promoting and ensuring people have quality education and ensuring that every child gets enrolled in a school.  Right from the age of 13, Salimatou started raising her voice for young people like her to be given equal opportunity to education, while emphasizing the importance, as it relates to the economy.


Salimatou’s vision with SaFE is to create lasting change in young people’s lives through literacy and life skills that will equip them with marketable skills for employment.