Welcome to a fabulous week!

This week Toke Alex Ibru, Media, Entertainment and Hospitality genius is RISE NETWORKS Youth of the week.

Oghenetoke short for Toke Ibru, eldest son of the deceased Chairman and Publisher of The Guardian Newspapers, Mr. Alexander Uruemu Ibru, is a driven, ambitious and result oriented young man who isn’t only filling his father’s shoes but doing so confidently and astoundingly well.

Toke is a History Graduate from Exeter University, UK. Who boldly stepped into the leadership role that the family had been grooming him as an executive director of the Guardian Newspapers, known as one of Nigeria’s most respected media brands. Toke Alex Ibru is The Executive Director of The Guardian, a role he has played for 10 years and in this time he has transcended the media group with the transformation of Guardian Media from a traditional newspaper into a new age design and successful name.

In the last 15 years of managing businesses in Nigeria, his exquisite formulation has carried all the hallmarks of powerful and unmatched contacts and achievements across all sectors, hiring new talents and experienced hands to oversee Guardian’s online video push and making The Guardian Media Group a standard other newspaper houses try to measure up to.Toke sits on the boards of The Guardian, Ikeja Hotels, Capital Hotels, Charles Hampton, Nigerian-Belgian Chamber of Commerce and Warif.

Perhaps what distinguishes him from his contemporaries are the values and ideals he pursues to make a difference not just in the world of media, entertainment and hospitality but his actions as a guardian angel to women empowerment and rights.  A strong advocate of women right, he is one man that is inspiring so many people to fulfil their potential and dreams by dedicating his activities in the past year to supporting the achievements of women in our community and today, Guardian Woman has become the number one media platform for several women-focused organizations and individuals, within and outside the country.

His effort has not gone unnoticed as Alex-Ibru has been recognized for his work with Guardian Woman, an eight-page weekly insert in The Guardian on Saturday. His effort was crowned with success as he was announced the 2017 Man of the Year at the EbonyLife TV Sisterhood Awards organized by EbonyLife Television in partnership with Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ).

Mr. Alex-Ibru introduced Guardian Woman not just as a platform to let the voices of Nigerian women be heard, but to also celebrate their feats and accomplishments by throwing more light on specific issues affecting them.

This week, we are honoring Toke as our Youth of the week because he inspires success and achievements through his commitments and passions.  In the words of the organizers of The Man of the Year EbonyLife TV Sisterhood Awards for 2017…“Without him, our work may have been possible—but it would not have been any easier. His contributions have helped lift ours up and have acted like a spotlight on an otherwise darkened stage, illuminating women in various sectors, fields, and industries—bringing them hope when they were without, encouragement when they were down, opportunities when doors seemed closed, and support when all appeared lost.”

That is what this young titan brings to the table, a goal getter that sets the pace for transformation and real positive change to take place.

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