Tony Joy, Founder, WeAreM.A.D Initiative is RISE Youth of the Week


Tony Joy is a young passionate lady who believes in creating change via impact. She is a graduate of English from Obafemi Awolowo University. She is the Project Lead and Founder WeAreM.A.D Initiative, a network of young people dedicated to ‘Making a Difference’ in Nigeria. The network is one that envisions a secured future where young people are connected and act together as agents of change and development, thereby contributing willingly to the development of their nation and the development of the world. One of the biggest projects WeAreM.A.D Initiative is working towards is the ‘Operation Keep Nigeria Clean’ among other projects. They clean up dumpsites, give out waste-bins and engage in Environmental education. The other areas of focus of the organization are community and rural development, education and livelihood.

She enjoys volunteering and wishes to devote her whole life to adding impact to her society and the world at large. She currently is a volunteer at VSO Nigeria, FLD in Africa, UN online volunteering, YALI NETWORK, ARTICLE 25, GYCC and many other organizations.

She doubles as a youth friendly personality and an idea consultant, which gives her the zeal to reach out to youths in her generation. She believes that practical experience sharing is very important in motivating any generation and is committed to ensuring that people use their stories to add values to the lives of others. She prefers to be known as a Youth Environmentalist and Community development worker.

She is a Queen Young Leader (2015), an AFRIASPIRE fellow, a Volunteer Youth Activist for Ignite Youth Africa, a young leader for Global Alliance for Youth Leaders (GAYL). She is also a mentee with WISCAR (2015/2016), a SIP Fellow (2015/2016 class) of LEAP Africa, an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society and an Associate Fellow of Youth Action Network.

She is a strong and young advocate of leadership by action and example.

As a watch word she believes that “You are too valuable to be wasted.

Follow her on Twitter @Tchijoys


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