Akanbi Saheed popularly called PRSITINE because of his upright nature is a 500 level Student of Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering, University of Lagos. He is the president of University of Lagos Engineering Society (ULES) and doubles as the Secretary, Council of Faculty Presidents University of Lagos (The Students Union Body) 2013/2014 Academic Session aside other leadership tasks within and outside the University.

Akanbi is an individual who is passionate about re-orientating the youths to be more committed to community/nation development and getting them engaged in intellectual activities rather than celebrating mediocrity and it is also his way of being MAD {Making A Difference}in his environment.

As a result of his Leadership acumen and selfless service to his society, Akanbi was given the AWARD FOR LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE by the students of his Faculty for his exemplary leadership on Dec 4th 2014.His philosophy about leadership is that “you are not a successful leader until you have a successful successor succeeds your success”.

Success to him is defined by the level or number of success recorded by others through you and he lives on the ethos:……………………….together WE CAN make it happen.