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Text Mining Using Orange Tool : No Coding Required


Things will continuously be modified and simplified to expedite the things that need to be done. Years ago if you could only drive a car with an automatic and not a manual gear system you will be considered a novice. Fast forward to today, manual cars are not only rarely produced but companies like Tesla have introduced self-driving cars! Who cares how you get to the destination as long as you arrive at the desired results.

The same thing is beginning to happen to code and programming needs in Ai and Data Science.

What is Text Mining   

Text mining also referred to as Text Data Mining or Text Analytics is an artificial intelligence (AI) technique that retrieves vital data from standard English text using natural language processing (NLP). It is a method of converting unstructured data (text from emails, reviews, documents, and databases) into structured data in order to gain important insights and run machine learning algorithms.

Text mining is becoming more popular as it becomes increasingly important to comprehend the unstructured data acquired or collected from employees, consumers, and stakeholders in order to develop plans or policies.

Scared of Coding? Use No Code Tool Orange

Previously, to gain practical insights from such textual data, it was required to employ coding tools, which necessitated a good background and knowledge of coding procedures. However, you can now achieve the same thing quickly and without writing a single line of code, making your job easier and eliminating the need to learn coding languages. Although, to work on such no-code tools, you must have a thorough understanding of the statistical methodologies required.

Orange is a no-code tool that lets you visualize data as well as execute data mining and machine learning.


Click here to download the No code Orange tool.


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