Rise Networks

Program Areas

As we believe that innovation can solve some of the major social and economic problems of the world ranging from illiteracy and poverty, to youth unemployment. We’re big on measurable outcomes, scalable impact and productivity at Rise Networks. We recognize the role of quality human capital, skills, infrastructure and data, infrastructure as key to achieving our overall objectives and the need for a 3-pronged stakeholder engagement approach with Academia, Private Sector and Government. Major enablers such as policy formulation, progressive regulatory and partnerships are very pivotal to our overall Strategic Plan.

Education & Learning

Build and equip a new generation of AIResearchers, Engineers and Executives to develop the knowledge and capabilitiesto create AI-powered solutions, tools and platforms.


Use AI to drive access to healthcare, enhance diagnosis and treatment and promote groundbreaking discoveries in biology and genetics.

Agriculture, Food Security & Systems

Optimize agricultural practices, improve crop yields and ensure food security through AI-driven solutions.

Media, Democracy & Governance

Deploy AI Technologies to tackle misinformation/disinformation and enhance transparency, accountability and citizen participation in governance processes.

Financial Services & Inclusion

Leverage AI to provide access to financial services for underserved populations and promote financial literacy.

Safety & Security

Enhance public safety, prevent crime and improve emergency response using AI

Energy Access and Efficiency

Apply AI in the expansion of access to reliable and affordable energy while promoting efficient energy consumption across diverse communities.

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