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Data science is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries and is regarded as the future of industries and businesses. The ‘Sexiest Job’ of the Twenty-First Century, according to the Harvard Business Review, is data scientist.

Data Science

This course will introduce the students to the theory, concepts, and business application of
This course introduces the participants to the theory, concepts and public sector and government
In this data science and data visualization course, we’ll be considering some machine learning
The scope of this course is to give the basics of data structures and
This course involves interpreting of data, analyzing results using statistical techniques, developing and implementing
This course will help telecommunication providers use their wealth of data to inform their
This course will teach the working professionals how they can leverage the power of
Digital transformation is a hot topic-but what exactly is it and what does it
This course will leverage on the important of data science in the respective specializations.

Data Analytics & Visualization

In this course, we will explore different topics on data visualization with Microsoft Power
This course will provide you with the tools you need to become an innovative

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This course will focus on the application of machine learning in business applying some
In this course the intuitive approach of building complex models that help machines to
This is an introductory class to python or R Programming language; it will give
This course will introduce participants to the exciting field of RPA. The workflow used
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