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Gain global employability by learning the tech skills that’ll improve your career prospects in any industry.

Education is the foundation of every development. Enroll in our cutting-edge tech Courses to become a high impact problem solver across various sectors.

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About Rise Networks

We are not reinventing the wheel; we are shaping the future of people and communities with the most revolutionary deep technologies.

Rise Networks is a leading Data and Artificial Intelligence for Development social enterprise dedicated to the tech education and skills of people, digital transformation of organizations and innovation adoption in the public sector with the goal of leveraging some of the technologies of the fourth Industrial Revolution to solve some of Nigeria & Africa’s major problems. With years at the forefront of learning development, research and human centered innovation, we understand the game changing strategies for accelerating the growth of people’s lives and careers, businesses, non-profits, governments and the world in general.

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Using Tech Knowledge & Skills for Social Good

Our Thematic Program Areas

Education & Learning


Agriculture, Food Security & Systems

⁠Media, Democracy & Governance

Financial Services & Inclusion

Safety & Security

Energy Access and Efficiency


Reach Your Goals with Rise Networks

Here at Rise Networks, learning, research and human centred Innovation converge to transform people and society. Our Areas of Expertise cover Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Product Design, Internet of Things and the Future of Work.

Unlock Lifelong Learning

Gain global employability by learning the tech skills that’ll improve your career prospects in any industry.

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