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About Us

Rise Networks is a Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Powered Learning, Research and Work Readiness Center working to improve the skills set of people for industry fitness in the evolving digital world of work. We’re leveraging deep technologies and disruptive innovation to build progressive Careers and a first-rate National Workforce capable of aligning from the future of work and driving the digital transformation and economic growth for Companies, Communities and Countries.

Our Mission

We believe Innovation can solve some of the major social and economic problems of the world ranging from illiteracy, poverty, to youth unemployment. Our mission is therefore to improve the quality of the local human capital of Nigeria and Africa by empowering people and organizations to develop time tested local solutions across sectors using knowledge, data and deep technology tools.

Our Vision

To be the catalyst for the global competitiveness of our country and continent’s people, organizations and public institutions using data-driven informed decisions to drive socio-economic progress and digital transformation through world-class technology education and research

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to creating a high-spirited community of solution providers across Africa in all fields of study through technology education by deploying practical solutions to where they are needed and work for a future of possibilities. Given that 63 Million Jobs will be created by Artificial Intelligence and Robotics by the year 2025, according to the World Economic Forum, we remain steadfast in our commitment to upgrading the skills of young people in various industries in order to prepare them for the Jobs of the future, increase their competitiveness and help them launch and maintain progressive Careers as a first-rate National Workforce capable of driving Growth for Companies and Countries.

Our Methodology

We’re knowledge focused, research and development driven and we teach and create courses in technical skills relevant for the Future of Work. We conceptualize and deliver data driven project/product models for private and public sector organizations and institutions for the good and growth of society. We host Ideathons, Hackathons, Events and partner across Industries on result-oriented projects of mutual benefit that align with our core values and principles. We also serve as a Talent Pipeline that leverages emerging technologies and to improve the skills set of young professionals for industry fitness in this digital world of work.

We designed and built Ise the Job Bot, a smart edtech/eLearning driven chatbot as a Work Readiness/Career Coaching Chatbot and it is the first of its kind in Africa. It provides answers to an array of inquiries made from it by users on various aspects of Career Growth, Job Search and Work Readiness. The Chat Bot is integrated into our website and adopts Facebook Messenger as its platform to engage its users in conversations who are mainly undergraduates, Nigeria Youth Corpers, unemployed/underemployed Graduates and working professionals.

Ise leverages AI/Machine Learning methodologies of Natural Language Processing/Natural Language Understanding of Deep Learning and Algorithms from queries received and data fed to it by humans (users) to help them search for Jobs, inform them about new & open job opportunities and coaches them for interviews. It was developed under strict supervision and it’s adherent to international best practice. Its Beta testing Phase has proved that the bot can handle several complex conversations

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Data and Artificial Intelligence Trends

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Meet Ise, The Job Bot

Ise, The Job Bot

Hey Guys! I’m Ise – The Job Bot. I’m here to help you get the job of your dreams. I can look for new jobs for you nationwide, and help you prepare for your interviews. I’ll inform you about new job offers and help you apply.

Oya, chat with me on Messenger, Google Talk or WhatsApp and let’s start

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The Rise Labs’ Specialized trainings are competence-specific, short-focused solution centered classes designed to deliver out of the box knowledge, tools and frameworks to raise the quality of work, value and service delivery of employees and executives to their Employers and to also bring them up to speed with emerging trends required to make them compliant with the future of work.


Our in-house Trainings are bespoke and specialist, designed for organizations upon their formal request to equip Participants with the capacity to compensate Employers/Organizations with not just the employee’s exceptional capabilities but also with the technical and digital skills required to be effective at work and derive fulfillment on their Jobs.

Organizations seeking to raise the bar in terms of the dynamic core competencies, professional skills and behavioral patterns within their teams and departments with the ultimate goal of transforming and building an agile workforce that epitomize best practices and meets the global standards.

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TheWorkPlan2019 on The Future of Work and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Semi Finals of the Rise Networks 2019 Artificial Intelligence Ideathon



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  • Latanya Sweeney is a Professor of Government and Technology in Residence at Harvard University, formerly the Chief Technology Officer at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC)., and the founding Director of the Data Privacy Lab at Harvard. Her work was first to demonstrate discrimination in online algorithms and founded the newly emerging area known as algorithmic fairness. More recently, her work with Ji Su Yoo and Jinyan Zang was first to demonstrate vulnerabilities in voter websites during the 2016 election.  In 2001, Sweeney became… [Read more]



My participation since 2008 in the annual RISE NATIONAL YOUTH FORUM has greatly impacted on my life and career goals. For me, it was beyond attending the event as I enjoyed the privilege to serve on the team with other promising young people and volunteers in ensuring the success of the Youth Forum in various states in Nigeria. Working on the 2008 and 2009 RNYF Team Inspired me and gave me the courage to champion the first Lagos State Teens and School Leavers Summit which was held on the 12th of December, 2009 at the Faculty of Education, University of Lagos. This Milestone as a teenager in 2009 and my subsequent editions of the RNYF has helped me to attain greater feats and given me the tool to create the life of my dream today as an emerging Global Social Entrepreneur.

Gbemisola Osadua (Ondo State) - CEO, DYNAMICS IMPACT

I learnt what it takes to be empowered. The speakers took turns to educate us on the need for us to build our capacity. I came out a better person than I went in. Thanks to the RISE Team.

Oluwadamilare Susan - Institute of Health Technology, Dental Nursing, 300 level

I was privileged to know about RISE when they came to Kaduna in October 2010 for the RISE NATIONAL YOUTH FORUM event usually done nationwide. Since that encounter, I was really surprised that here in Nigeria we have such an organization wheeled at impacting the lives of Nigerian Youths through Technology, Education, Management Skills, Motivational Messages and Books, Media e.t.c. I wanted to be a part of the mission and vision so I ensured I got the opportunity to meet with Toyosi and was blessed and I ended up becoming a volunteer rep in Kaduna. I fortunately spearheaded the #BringBackTheBook initiative in NTA KADUNA which touched so many lives here in Kaduna and a great success nationwide.

Charles Mainasara Swanta (Kaduna State) - Senior Staff of Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps

Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen’s story was the high point of that memorable event for me. I was touched and inspired by his experience in the Movie Industry. Thank you RISE Networks for such a wonderful experience. Skill is Definitely King.

Shina Adesanya - Benson Idahosa University
When I learnt that RISE Networks was coming to town, I knew I had to be there. I was inspired by the story of Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu. I have started my small business as a livestock farmer. Thanks RISE Networks for looking out for Nigerian Youths
Nnamdi Kelechi - Imo State University, Owerri.
The RISE Networks event was filled with seasoned speakers who had rich content to share with us. It was a mind blowing and revealing session for me. I realised that Nigeria as a country is blessed with so much resources and it is high time for the youths of this great nation to look beyond oil and embrace other sectors of the economy as the way forward.
Dinipre Chigozie Adimibe - College of Engineering and Engineering Technology at Michael Okapara University of Agriculture, Umudike.
The Rise National Youth Forum which was brought to my school by Rise Networks taught me how to be a personal enterprise, how to start my own business and the importance of Mentorship. 
Oduntan Olumide - College of Humanities, C.R.S Department

It is with great delight and humility, that I write my RISE Experience over the last six (6) years of my encounter with the RISE NATIONAL YOUTH FORUM (RNYF) in Lagos and Ogun State.

In September 2009, I was opportune to serve as a volunter for the RNYF in Abeokuta, with that single act since 2009 till date, Rise Group has Instilled in me the spirit of volunteerism within and outside my immediate community. RISE NETWORKS under the able mentorship of Mrs. Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji, has been able to alter my MINDSET and as well galvanize my ENERGIES towards hardwork, leadership and the power of synergy.

Ishola Adebayo Monsur (Ogun State) - Graduate of Economics, TASUED

The RNYF is and always has been for me a great opportunity to serve and contribute to youth development in Nigeria. Been a volunteer leader for such a long time, in Lagos and other states of Nigeria where this great movement has been to, presented me with the unique experience of working with a Sister and Mentor, Toyosi Akerele as well as the hundreds of young volunteers i met and worked with over those years. If time and chance permits me again, i won’t hesitate to be a part of the family again.

Adejuwon Teniola (Ekiti State) – Beauty Entrepreneur

RISE National Youth Forum 2014  taught me that the future of Nigeria lies with entrepreneurship.

Nwosu Okechukwu - College of Natural and Applied Science, Michael Okapara University of Agriculture, Umudike.


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