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Ise The Job Bot

Ise The Job Bot, the first Job Chatbot in West Africa, was created at Rise Networks to help its users get information about job offers before assisting them to apply.

Ise The Job Bot uses machine learning approaches and algorithms to help people find jobs, learn about new job prospects and prepare for interviews by analysing queries and data supplied to it by people.


Passnownow.com is a foremost revolutionary Web and Mobile Learning Platform in Africa that has digitized and democratized Nigeria’s School Curriculum Content for Students and Teachers all over the Country. 

It houses all subjects in the Nigerian Secondary School Syllabus from Junior Secondary School Class One (JSS1) to Senior Secondary School Class (SSS3).

The Run Am Mobile App

The Run Am Mobile App is an Ai-enabled real-time news authentication and verification application for data-driven and investigative journalism to mobilize and catalyze citizens’ action to tackle corruption and other related practices. For accountable elections and governance in Nigeria. Run Am is the Nigerian Pidgin word that captures the intention to verify or fact-check news source to be sure it is valid and authentic. Not news intended to disrupt society or cause panic or mayhem.

IoT- Based Home Automation System

The Internet of Things Home Automation System employs your smartphone to monitor and manage electrical appliances in homes and offices, just like Bluetooth, infrared, or WIFI/Hotspot-based home automation systems.

Smart Card Attendance System

This device remodels the attendance system used at schools, offices, and companies. ID tags are assigned to different individuals and used for Identification. Smart Card Attendance System reads each tag’s unique ID when the user taps the device with the tag. Information about the user goes to an online server with the time of entry/departure recorded on the database.

Smart Card Payment System (Suitable For Shopping & Transport)

This smart card payment system was developed based on similar innovations to the payment system used by Blue BRT. It can be used as a means of payment in shopping malls and transportation systems.

Smart Mailbox

This device notifies a user anytime there is a new mail by sending an alert to a mobile phone. There are no restrictions to the communication range between the Smart Mailbox and the user’s mobile phone app because it uses an online server..

Smart Gas Leakage Detector System

In terms of purpose, this device is similar to standard gas detectors in the home or office. The system sounds an alarm when a gas leak is detected, and when the user isn’t present, it sends regular notifications to the user’s phone to indicate the leakage of gas and the level of detected gas.

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