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Ise The Job Bot

Introducing “Ise”, the trailblazing Job Chatbot from Rise Networks—the first of its kind in West Africa. More than just a tool, Ise is your personal career companion, utilising advanced machine-learning approaches and algorithms to provide insightful information about job offers, uncover new employment opportunities, and even guide you through interview preparation. Ise goes beyond traditional job search platforms, actively analysing user queries and data to tailor its responses and assistance, ensuring a personalized and effective job-seeking experience. Elevate your career journey with Ise, your intelligent ally in the dynamic world of job hunting and professional growth.


Step into the future of education with Passnownow.com, a revolutionary web and mobile learning platform at the forefront of transforming Nigeria’s school curriculum into a dynamic and accessible digital format. Beyond mere digitization, Passnownow.com has pioneered a movement that democratizes learning, making the entire school curriculum content easily accessible to students and teachers across the nation. It’s not just a platform; it’s an educational revolution, bridging the gap between traditional learning and the digital era, empowering learners and educators alike for a brighter, more inclusive educational landscape in Africa. Embark on a journey of knowledge evolution with Passnownow.com, where education meets innovation.

The Run Am Mobile App

Dive into the realm of real-time news authentication with the Run Am Mobile App—a cutting-edge AI-enabled application crafted for data-driven and investigative journalism. It’s not just an app; it’s a powerful tool designed to mobilize and catalyze citizens into action, taking on corruption and promoting accountable elections and governance in Nigeria. With its advanced algorithms, it empowers users to accurately discern the credibility of information, making it a vital tool in promoting electoral accountability, curbing corruption, and ensuring informed citizen participation in the democratic process. This app is a groundbreaking solution for addressing the challenges posed by misinformation and disinformation within the evolving digital media landscape of Nigeria.

IoT- Based Home Automation System

Transform your living space into a smart haven with our Internet of Things Home Automation System Prototype. This cutting-edge technology leverages the power of your smartphone to seamlessly monitor and control electrical appliances in both homes and offices. It goes beyond the ordinary, offering an experience akin to Bluetooth, infrared, or WIFI/Hotspot-based home automation systems. Imagine the convenience of managing your environment with a simple touch on your smartphone—effortlessly blending technology and comfort for an elevated lifestyle. Welcome to the future of home automation, where innovation meets simplicity.

Smart Card Attendance System

Revolutionise attendance tracking with our Smart Card Attendance System Prototype, a groundbreaking device that redefines how schools, offices, and companies manage attendance. Each individual is assigned a unique ID tag, turning traditional identification into a seamless, tech-driven experience. As users tap the device with their tags, the system captures their unique ID and relays it to an online server, recording entry and departure times in the database. Say goodbye to conventional attendance methods and embrace a future where efficiency and innovation converge for unparalleled tracking precision.

Smart Card Payment System (Suitable For Shopping & Transport)

Elevate your payment experience with our cutting-edge Smart Card Payment System Prototype, inspired by the seamless functionality of the Blue BRT bus system in Lagos, Nigeria. This innovation transcends conventional payment methods, offering a versatile solution for transactions in shopping malls and transportation systems. Harness the power of technology to simplify and enhance your payment journey, ensuring a swift and secure experience at every touchpoint. Embrace the future of transactions with a smart card system designed to redefine the way you shop and travel.

Smart Mailbox

Optimize your communication experience with our state-of-the-art Smart Mailbox Prototype, ensuring you stay informed and connected at all times. Receive instant alerts on your mobile phone app whenever a new mail arrives, breaking free from communication constraints with its seamless online server connectivity. Embrace the convenience of real-time notifications, eliminating the need for constant physical checks and ensuring you never miss an important message. Transform your mailbox into a smart, dynamic hub that keeps you in the loop effortlessly.

Smart Gas Leakage Detector System

Improve your safety standards with our cutting-edge Gas Leak Detector Prototype, going beyond the norm to provide comprehensive protection for your home or office. Experience peace of mind as the system not only sounds an alarm upon detecting gas leaks but also sends real-time notifications to your phone. Stay informed about gas levels even when you’re away, ensuring proactive measures can be taken to address any potential hazards. Embrace a new level of security that prioritizes your well-being and enhances your living or working environment.

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