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5 Features of R Programming you can’t afford to overlook

Look at everything around you and you will observe that you are surrounded by enormous Data!

And to work in an internet factory where the raw material is data the top skill in demand is to process these raw data into business insights.

The art of processing this data is called Data Science and the tool used for processing is a programming language.

So have you started learning Data Science or want to start it?

There is no special programming language dedicated to data science but looking at the exciting features of the R language you can make up your mind.

R programming language is filled with such exciting and amazing features. In this article, we will see what makes R so popular, what are advantages it has over other technologies, and what makes it an indispensable tool for data scientists all over the world.

Let’s look at the amazing features of R and how it can help you to learn data science and become a data scientist.

Features of R Programming

1. Open-source

R is an open-source software environment. It is free of cost and can be adjusted and adapted according to the user’s and the project’s requirements.

You can make improvements and add packages for additional functionalities.

R is freely available. You can learn how to install R, Download and start practising it.

2. Strong Graphical Capabilities

R can produce static graphics with production quality visualizations and has extended libraries providing interactive graphic capabilities.

This makes data visualization and data representation very easy.

From concise charts to elaborate and interactive flow diagrams, all are well within R’s repertoire. Look at the attractive graphical visualizations in R.

3. A Wide Selection of Packages

CRAN or Comprehensive R Archive Network houses more than 10,000 different packages and extensions that help solve all sorts of problems in data science.

With high-quality interactive graphics, web application development, quantitative analysis or machine learning procedures, there is a package for every scenario available.

4.R contains a set of packages for all the forms of disciplines like astronomy, biology, etc. While R was originally used for academic purposes, it is now being used in industries as well.

18. Generates Report in any Desired Format

R’s markdown package is the only report generation package you will ever need when working with R. The markdown package can help produce web pages.

It can also generate reports in the form of word documents or PowerPoint presentations. All with your R code and results embedded into them

5. Comprehensive Environment

R has a very comprehensive development environment meaning it helps in statistical computing as well as software development.

R is an object-oriented programming language. It also has a robust package called Rshiny which can be used to produce full-fledged web apps.

Combined with data analysis and data visualization, R can be used for highly interactive online data-driven storytelling.

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