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5 Reasons To Take Courses On Artificial Intelligence

That artificial intelligence will play a vital role in the operations of all aspects of human interaction in the nearest future is undeniable. With humans’ history of constantly developing and reinvent ourselves, from the ancient Roman aqueduct to make water faster to millennials’ quest for faster internet, it has become only clearer that the future of robotics is brighter than ever.

Tech giants like Facebook and Google have branched into the world of artificial intelligence, building AI labs across the world to better cement their future. What is clear from the actions of these companies is that machine learning, automated technology, and robotics is here for the long run. The onus is therefore on those who seek relevance in this moment in history to start today doing the groundwork for that not so distant future. But more than the fact that skills in the industry is poised to be very vital in the future, there are other profound reasons for us to start learning artificial intelligence. Career Advisor looks at some of the reasons to study AI in a new article on its website.

See below five reasons to take courses on AI according to the article:

1. It is the Skill of the Century:

The future of work involves automation and as such everyone should know a thing or two about AI. Acquiring such a skill will future-proof your career. The rise of AI in the commercial world will also create many job opportunities in various industries.

2. AI-related Jobs are in Demand:

Since AI is in its growth stage currently, pursuing any qualification in this field not only means a decent salary but also bright career prospects. The average salary of a programmer in Malaysia is RM3,000 (source: Glassdoor) and a data scientist earns on average RM6, 866 per month (source: indeed.com.my).

3.  AI is a Versatile Field:

The use of AI will eventually affect many facets of human life rather than merely computer and space-related industries. It also plays a significant role in healthcare, finance, and even the legal industry. A recent example would be a Malaysian court in Sabah introducing the use of AI in sentencing.

4. Potential Impact on Society:

The use of AI is capable of creating, transforming, and improving many facets of human life. For example, farming in the United States has been made easier with Farmlogs, a software that provides farmers with information about the weather and soil as well as tracking plant growth to achieve better profits. Some countries are even implementing AI in improving environmental planning, disaster management, and crime prevention.

5. Better User Experience:

Implementing AI in various industries involves applying intelligence to machines and technology used regularly by humans as AI does not work in isolation from devices. A popular example would be virtual assistants like Google Assistant which improves an existing product with enhanced features that benefit the user.

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