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5 ways Artificial Intelligence will impact Nigeria

It’s no news anymore that Artificial Intelligence will change the way we do things and also improve our lives. In this article, I explained how Artificial Intelligence will improve our dear country(Nigeria).

Education: AI will improve education in Nigeria in several ways,  Artificial intelligence can be used to automate grading tests, this means that teachers will have more time to do other tasks and spend less time grading tests. Artificial Intelligence can also be used to teach students ad produce digital contents for students for example during the COVID-19 lockdown a lot of schools in Nigeria maximized video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Google meet to teach students, AI mechanisms such as Netex Learning are already in place in some countries to create and simplify digital curriculum and contents across a lot of devices. AI can also be maximized to create learning without borders, students will be able irrespective of their geographic location, there will also be access to a wide range of courses.

Fraud Prevention: Fraud has been a major issue for both private and public organizations in Nigeria. AI can be used to build predictive algorithms that will prevent fraud and corruption, AI can complete data analytics in milliseconds and understand complex patterns that might even be difficult for a fraud analyst to understand. AI models can also be used for fraud identification, prevention and elimination. rime Prevention: Countries around the world are building infrastructures that make their country smart and then use AI to prevent crime. Artificial intelligence can be used to detect gunfire, detect bombs, detect clues on crime scenes, predict crime spots and also predict pretrial release. Before we can maximize AI for crime prevention here in Nigeria, we need to have smart infrastructures in place. The infrastructures will enable us to have access to real time information which will help AI in working towards crime prevention.

Improve Health Care: There is a shortage of trained medical personnel in Nigeria and this limits access to good health care as people have to wait long hours at the hospitals before being attended to. Artificial Intelligence can assist in reducing the deficit of qualified medical personnel by taking up diagnostic roles that would have been allocated to humans. For example, recently, some researchers developed an AI tool that can detect coronavirus by listening to a patient’s cough, instead of patients queuing long hours in the hospital, this tool can be deployed into an application that patients can use and test at home.  Artificial intelligence can also be used to make medical devices and machines smarter, smart devices can be used to monitor patients in ICU. identify deterioration, reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Virtual Assistants: AI can be used in creating virtual assistants that will help in daily administrative tasks, this will reduce the workload on administrative workers in Nigeria. AI can be used to create sophisticated algorithms that learn from data input and become better at predicting the end user’s needs. AI powered bots are equipped with the capacity to understand and perform multiple requests.

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