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AI predicts the results of English Premier League matches stalled by COVID-19

Artificial Intelligence has predicted the final league standings of the English Premier League. The English Premier League like other top league had its scheduled matches postponed indefinitely due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Data Analysts from soccer stats firm Opta came up with  their final English Premier League standings by analyzing four years of historic results to predict the likely outcome of each match. There was no shock regarding the winner of the league, with Liverpool topping the standing as expected winning the league with a record breaking 101 points, Manchester City 80 points, Leicester City 67 points and Chelsea 63 points make up the top 4 respectively.

Bournemouth who finished level on 36 points with Watford were relegated on goal difference, joining them were Aston Villa and Norwich City to make up the bottom three.

To separate the winners from the losers, Opta studied the attacking and defensive qualities displayed by each team in the past, with more recent results given extra weight in the calculations.

Analysts then estimated the difficulty of each remaining match, and used goal predictions to guess the results. After running 10,000 simulations of the leftover fixtures, they worked out the probability of every team’s final league position.

As officials debate whether to void the season, honor the current positions, or complete the campaign once the coronavirus is contained, the AI has offered an alternative that would definitely please Liverpool fans.

Below is the detailed Final League Standings

1st: Liverpool – 101 points

2nd: Manchester City – 80 points

3rd: Leicester City – 67 points

4th: Chelsea – 63 points

5th: Manchester United – 61 points

6th: Tottenham Hotspur – 58 points

7th: Wolverhampton Wanderers – 56 points

8th: Arsenal – 56 points

9th: Sheffield United – 55 points

10th: Everton – 50 points

11th: Burnley – 49 points

12th: Crystal Palace – 49 points

13th: Newcastle United – 46 points

14th: Southampton – 44 points

15th: West Ham United – 39 points

16th: Brighton & Hove Albion – 37 points

17th: Watford – 36 points

18th: Bournemouth – 36 points

19th: Aston Villa – 32 points

20th: Norwich City – 29 points


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