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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The advantages of Artificial intelligence cannot be overemphasized, we explained some of the benefits below:

  1. Reduction in human error: Humans are prone to make mistakes but machines that are programmed properly are accurate. Machines make decisions from data previously gathered after applying some certain algorithms. This reduces errors and makes the chances of attaining accuracy possible. A simple example is a time-telling machine, This machine will tell the time accurately based on past information and algorithms but a human can make a mistake while telling the time by a minute or two.
  2.  Availability: AI powered machines do not get worn out and are available for work every hour of the day and week unlike humans who will get tired and need rests. Humans usually will need time to go on break, then get ready for another task of work; They might also need time to sort between their  personal and work life. Machines can work without break and they do not get bored.
  3.  Take Risks on our behalf: Artificial intelligence can be used effectively in managing both natural and artificial risks and disasters. Instead of deploying humans to unsafe places, we could train robots to do this for us. In this case, Artificial intelligence takes risk on our behalf. Bots are being used in situations where human intervention could be disastrous. For example, we can train and deploy robots to assist in fighting the insurgencies in the northern part of Nigeria.
  4.  Automation: Artificial intelligence can automate our tasks which makes our lives a lot easier. In our everyday tasks, we do a lot of repetitive tasks such as verifying docs, sending mails etc. AI gives us the opportunity to automate this kind of tasks and in turn gives us more time for creativity.
  5. Digital Assistance: Nowadays, organizations use AI assistant to interact with their customers which saves the need for human personnel. A good example are chatbots which we see on most organization’s website and mobile app. They are programmed in a way that sometimes it’s hard to know if you are chatting with a machine or human.
  6. Inventions:  Artificial Intelligence is creating new inventions in different areas at a rapid rate, Humans now maximize AI to solve very complex questions in any aspects. For example, doctors can now predict breast cancer at an early age using an AI powered machine. This would have been impossible before the invention of Artificial Intelligence.
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