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Chris Kwekowe, Founder of SLATECUBE is RISE Youth of the Week


Chris Kwekowe is an innovative entrepreneur and technology consultant that believes that the average, young African is the driving force for global impact and sees ICT as the propellant on which this goal is dependent on.

Chris and his team launched an amazing service that adequately solves the constraints of e-learning and also adds a juicy flair of valuable innovation. This service is called Slatecube. It allows students to study at their convenience, build Cool stuff based on their chosen field of learning, work with real organizations to acquire industry-relevant skills and finally create social impact.

A group of students signed up to test the beta version of Slatecube. They learnt and acquired industry-relevant skills and were eventually adopted as interns in reputable ICT firms. After the course and experience with the platform, 100% of them have gone on to strike deals that’ll see them work for top companies upon graduation from the university. In addition, nearly 200 individuals actively use the Slatecube service to take free courses, acquire new knowledge, read new books, and serve virtual internships. Furthermore, everyone with valuable knowledge can share that knowledge on the platform as a course once they are approved. Courses can be paid for thus making it possible for individuals to make money off of the socially beneficial knowledge they share on the platform.

The Slatecube team would like to create more practice-driven and fun-filled courses that will positively shape the future of the African society in various aspects, ranging from culture, education, economy, personal development, innovation, creativity, and health.

Since becoming an Anzisha Fellow, Slatecube has garnered a lot of media attention, has been awarded many accolades, and has grown incrementally. Chris has been featured on CNN, BBC, ITnews Africa, MIT’s website, and CNBC Africa. Earlier this year, Nnamdi Azikiwe University awarded Slatecube for being the most innovative and most inspiring enterprise. Slatecube has also been recognized by the Toni Elumelu Foundation and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Presently, Slatecube has a traffic of about 3000 visitors per month. He hopes to expand Slatecube in order to train about 1.2 million Africans, not just in Nigeria but across the African continent in the long run. And in line with his vision, Chris has organised a successful conference upskill conference in Lagos, Nigeria, and plans on hosting similar conferences in Nairobi, Kenya, and Gaborone, Botswana.

Chris would like to see Slatecube linking more qualified and well-deserving students with top-notch organizations, thus upgrading the workforce, and making the pursuit of knowledge and skill a fun and worthwhile venture.

Culled from Anzishaprize


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