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Columbia University Youth, Peace, and Security Leadership Program 2019

Deadline: February 15, 2019

The Youth, Peace, and Security (YPS) project at Columbia University is pleased to announce the Youth, Peace, Security Leadership program, designed to advance the work of youth leaders around the world by creating joint efforts between practitioners on the ground and research, theory, and practice from the academy.

The program recognizes advances in the field and works already being done within the YPS realm, while at the same time supporting practitioners by linking their work to tools, research and practice in related fields that will elevate and amplify their work.

Program Details

This program will: develop rigor in youth, peace, and security leadership efforts to increase effectiveness; build on local knowledge and experience to apply globally; enhance practice by grounding it in theory in areas related to YPS; connect global, regional and local networks via our global engagement partners; and support the implementation of the YPS global agenda.

Selected youth leaders will spend two weeks in New York City, June 3–14, 2019. There will be classes, workshops, visits to the UN, and more. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Throughout the program, participants will:

  • Learn the foundations of YPS
  • Discuss the implications of the YPS agenda toward a sustainable and peaceful future
  • Enhance their knowledge of the concepts, theory, and skills behind conflict resolution, problem-solving and intervention practices, and skills
  • Increase communicative behaviors and skills for increasing effectiveness as leaders
  • Clarify the important role of youth in maintaining peace and security
  • Design and implement a YPS project with their organization


  • This offering has no fee. All accepted applicants will be sponsored;
  • All costs related to the offering, including lodging and meals throughout the two weeks at Columbia University, will be covered. Flight/transportation to/from the program and visa application fees are not covered.


  • Applicants should be youth/community leaders and practitioners interested in linking their work to tools, research and practice in related fields that will elevate and amplify their work;
  • Applicants must also be sponsored and supported by a local CBO/NGO;
  • Submit a project idea for review;
  • Be fluent in English and able to commit to the two-week engagement of the program.


  • Complete the application and submit two recommendation letters
  • The program office will review your information to ensure it meets the admission criteria and contact you with the decision
  • Upon acceptance into the program, participants will receive specific program information approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the program date

Click here to apply

For more information, visit Columbia University.

This article was originally published on http://www.opportunitydesk.org/2019/01/31/columbia-university-youth-peace-and-security-leadership-program-2019/

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