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(By Shuaib Olusesi)

Artificial Intelligence like any other new innovative tech making waves has come under scrutiny many times, largely from people who are ignorant of how it works.

To most people, the mere mention of the word “Artificial Intelligence” could mean a super intelligent computer that can outsmart and outshine any human. It’s a scary piece of tech that shouldn’t be allowed as its side effects negates all of its advantages. It’s a threat to human existence and it could obliterate human existence in years to come.

All these misconceptions are mostly fueled assumptions that comes from sci-fi movies/novels. This should in no way cloud our judgement about how AI could impart our everyday life and make the world a better place. Artificial Intelligence stands to offer more than our assumptions can muster.

We have outlined 2 common myths about Artificial intelligence and facts that clearly shows that Artificial Intelligence  is important and doesn’t bare most of the risks people assume it bares.


Artificial Intelligence wasn’t created to replace the human workforce.  On the contrary, it has the ingredients to help re-position workforce activities. Many companies have employed the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in their hiring process to screen candidates for core competency skills, this has played a huge role and heighten the process of hiring, other areas Artificial Intelligence impacts the workplace includes training, assessments, talent development and streamlining workflows.


Artificial Intelligence coding could be very complex, but just like programming languages understanding its basic concept is all that matters and you are good to go, for example the basic concept of AI technology is that it mimics our natural cognitive abilities and improves on it.

Though to non-tech people, AI is some multiplex scientific concept too hard to crack. But AI can be simpler and not viewed as a complex concept, If we can understand that our mind is a cognitive processor, we can understand AI.

Our minds are powerful in that they not only learn rules, but they also make these rules and improve them over time based on our experiences. For example, when we refuse to save some documents or file and lost them in the process, we learn to be more conversant and save our files to avoid a repeat of the previous file loss. AI is a case of once bitten twice shy as it helps make better cognitive decisions over time. So, basically all AI is doing is mimicking what we do naturally and making our lives better in the process.

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