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Construction Companies Are Using AI To Provide Process Management

The opportunities that artificial intelligence provides are limitless and construction companies have found something for themselves. While scientists haven’t created AI that can build properties, they are making the process management more effective. With the increasing need to give an accurate time of completion in construction, companies are utilizing machine learning and computer vision to speed up and increase the accuracy of the inspection process.

Buildot, an American company that specializes in collecting, analyzing, and leveraging data on construction sites is leading the charge. With the aid of a camera, they can take pictures of the site and take, it back to their lab to analyze with the aid of the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and give even more accurate data about process management.

“Not every camera application needs live video,” Aviv Lebovici, the CPO & Co-founder of Buildot told Forbes magazine in a recent interview. “By minimizing the frames per second, we are able to provide a light, wearable, camera while still capturing the necessary details for our artificial intelligence engine.”

Forbes says that “by using AI to match images to the software models, the system can provide architects and construction teams the ability to understand the progress and accuracy of the project, minimizing cost and time overruns.”

While many have asked why drones are not just used instead, Forbes argued that due to the complexities of construction sites with lots of moving parts and the bulkiness of drones it is most unlikely to provide more reliable data than with CAD.

“Large construction sites are complex, with lots of moving parts and constant change. Drones will need to become both more intelligent and smaller before they can be safely and cost-effectively applied to the construction industry.”

Photo source: Forbes

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